June 3, 2008

A Quick Update

Hello all. Did you think I left forever? Well, I havn't felt real inspired lately, and there hasn't been much going on since we left TN and the reunion. Which was really fun by the way. Afterwards we ran to Mississippi after loading at the big grain elevator in downtown Chattanooga. From Mississippi we went to Flagstaf, AZ, and from there we drove to Brawley, CA. We loaded in Brawley, emptied in Traver, CA, loaded in Firebaugh, CA and went to Collinston, UT. Yesterday we loaded in Ogden, UT at a salt mill on the Great Salt Lake. I did take a picture of a huge pile of salt for you, but I havn't downloaded it onto the computer yet. From Ogden, we took the salt to a DOT salt shack in northern Idaho. We emptied out last night and drove down here to Clarkston, WA where we just finished loading peas that are going to Mattoon, IL. From there, I don't know for sure. Mark, our broker, said probably load to Mississippi again and then run kind of the same route. He's got us lined up for some hard running this week, which will be tiring, but if we pull it off, it will mean some big bucks, and that will make up for our extended time off last month. BUT.....I sure am envying all the talk about going to movies and playing in the garden I read today on Mom and Meagan's blog.
I'll get that picture of the salt posted sometime, but if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't get sad. I'll be back. I think we're just going to be running like "old times" for a few days....meaning I drive while he sleeps, he drives while I sleep, and there's not a lot of playing going on.
So..till later....


Meag said...

Sounds busy and tiring! I can assure you that we wish you were playing with us here in Tennessee instead of driving hard and fast trying to make up for lost time!! Don't work too hard! I'll be looking for a post when things get back to a "normal" pace! Love you!!

Valerie said...

Have not fear: our days are numbered. In fact I've been resisting the urge (compulsion) to count the days literally. The only reason I don't is because then I'll be doing the mental countdown every day instead of just enjoying the days. Hope all goes well and you make a lot of $$. Love you!