May 23, 2008

Montana Wildlife

Its abundant to say the least. I'm still working on getting deer pictures, but I'm going to wait till this fall when the bucks have their antlers again.
These two deer were out and about the afternoon it was snowing....before it got real deep and heavy. The rest of the herd was across the hill, and came out to meet them.

This is an antelope. She was fussing at me for intruding on her morning when I was birding at the creek. She was kind of across the pasture, so you migh not be able to see her real clearly.

This is a fire ant nest. Jessica and I stumbled across them just starting their nest in an old burrow. I went back a couple of days later and took this picture. They were still at work, but had already filled the borrow entrance with grass and straw.

This is a muscrat. He was busy finishing up his day while I was stalking the owl you'll see in the next blog entry.


Ken said...

Beautiful State, I hope to visit there some day.

Meag said...

You take such great pictures!!! They really are worth a thousand words!!!

Cindy J. said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! FYI I have a craft blog chronicling mainly my jewelry making endeavors, but also some sewing of plush toys and stuff. You can get to it through my blogger profile.

-Cindy (Will's wife)