June 15, 2008


No I'm not talking about a nice Father's Day grilling...though that sounds nice. What I'm talking about is the parking lot at B&N in Phoenix where we are parked because my loving husband decided to maneuver the obsticle course of landscaped islands designed to keep us out....so that I could go to the bookstore. (he's good to me like that).
I spent an hour and a half in the store blissfully browsing, more like lusting (do you think God considers lusting over books a sin, or was that strickly over people?) over all the marvelous books. There's something about that store.....and I think I have the inside story now.
I had a coupon for 15% off one book, but because I was so brain washed by it all, I forgot to use it. So when I got back to the truck and was putting my purse away I saw the blessed coupon sticking out. Back across the parking lot I go, because a B&N coupon is worth the sacrifice. And when I got in the door to the counter I asked if it was too late to use it because apparently my mind was drugged by all the books. To which the manager replyed..." well thats because we put drugs in the books."
SO....Now I know why I can't resist that store...why I am compelled to stop at every B&N I see and if I can't I feel that some great tragedy has occured.

Anyway, he took my coupon...saved me $3.26!

Back to the roasting part....
Like I said we're parked here in the parking lot at B&N, which is really part of a larger shopping area. Its a balmy (??) 120 degrees.
Oh no big deal....though we abandoned the generator and ideas of saving fuel and have the truck running and all the air vents turned as high as they can go. I wasn't actually sweating (too much) until I got in this vehicle. Thats when I lost my "freshness." Malcolm has decided that the generator duct work can wait no longer, and since we are unable to deliver till after midnight tonight, he hiked (bless his heart cause you know how he doesn't handle heat too well) to Lowe's, purchased the needed pieces, and is in the back working on duct work, trying to make it so that the cool air from the generator reaches us faster and stronger. My husband fascinates me the way he can finagle (sp?) anything into working better. He's a genious.
Anyway, where was I. Oh yeah...
SO we're sitting here in the parking lot, its hot, Paris is thinking (I can tell though she hasn't mentioned it yet) that she wants to go potty. What she doesn't realize is that her little paws will be grilled because the only serface to walk on is ashalt or landscaping gravel. We experience this last year and its sooooooo sad. The problem is in southern CA and western NV. I'll take her out and she trot off to do her stuff. Several feet away she pause to take care of business, and she'll think about snooping around (cause what dog doesn't like to do that...even the ones that are really not dogs at all, but people in little tiny naked (or hairy) bodies), start to walk off and then suddenly (and it was really sad cause last summer she was still so young) she stop and start whimpering and pick up one foot at a time and I'd scoop her up and her little feet would be bright redish pink from the ankles down. Poor baby. Carlie hasn't experience this yet, but I beleive today will be the day.

Malcolm told me to go back to B&N....OMG~~! Riches......so I'm debating doing just that. But the temptation would be to buy more, plus...would it be like the sequel to so many books, and spoil the original? Doubtfully....but it is a possibility. Plus I hate to leave him and the girls here getting in each other's way, only slightly cool, and doing something not fun (this includes the girls because they can't go in the back to play but have to stay up front).

Well...thats us...roasting in Phoenix. Its 4:00 and I need to make a Father's Day phone call, and then I'm going to run away to B&N. I told Malcolm weeks ago that if we ever live in a place where there is a book store near by, and we don't really need a "serious" income...I'm going to get a job at the bookstore. Did you know I worked at a B&N for a couple of months. I won't go into why I left there, but I feel now that I was an idiot to do so. Its a GREAT job!

PS: I had a marvelous 2-3 days previously and I'll tell you why later. My B&N trip was part of it. But I don't have my pictures downloaded yet, and Paris has just made the official annoucement that she wants to brave the roasting pan. I figured it was coming because when I got back to the truck and let them out of the kennel I filled their water bowl...and she promptly emptied it. Oh Paris...when will you learn not to over indulge......she certainly won't learn that lesson from me!


Meag said...

Holy Crapola! There is no way no how I would survive in that heat!!!! I'm just saying - good luck and you're a better woman than me!!!! :-) Missed you this weekend - while you were roasting we were all chilling in the pool!

Lauren said...

Ok, I'm sweating now just reading your post. I've never been to Arizona in the summer, but I've been to Vegas in August, and that was MISERABLE. Like walking into an oven. I'm glad the clerk at B&N was understanding! You can use the $4 at Starbucks! :)