June 27, 2008

Count Down

I'm finally there.....the count down to being home. I'll be there this afternoon. We're driving through northern North Dakota south of Williston, and it already feels like home. I love it when we get back into this territory, the Dakotas in general, because though its not quite the same, it looks similar to home and I just feel more relaxed with each passing mile.
Anyway, I'm retiring from truck driving, and thus blogging, for a couple of weeks. Thats how long we are planning on staying home....barring freak snow storms or other natural disasters as we are all familiar with how they tend to change things.
Which reminds me, yesterday we were high tailiing it across southern North Dakota driving into a really nasty storm. We were still traveling with the other driver from Baker (see following blog) and he came on the CB and said he wanted to slow down a little and see if we could miss the storm. As it turned out, we did, only catching the southern edge of it and a few sprinkles. And there was nearly golf ball size hail all over the road and in the ditch. Glad we backed off and let it pass. That would not have been pretty on the truck.
You should see the grass out here. After watching it stay brown all spring and not growing, its so nice to see it so lush and green. For those who don't know, we had absolutly no rain or snow to speak of this winter (until the freak snow storm in May). It was really bad. I'm talking dams down farther than they've been in years, and absolutly no grass to speak of which meant big time problems for the ranchers and farmers too. When it snowed in May it kind of opened up the sky's and now we're facing the opposite problem. It won't stop raining long enough to cut the hay. But when they do manage to cut it, as a few are in North Dakota I noticed....there will be hay. The grass is so tall I noticed it was up to the sides of the cows and dragging their bellies.
I'm quickly learning that out here, its either feast or famine in many ways.

I'll have lots to share in stories and pictures when I get back in a couple of weeks. So don't forget me in my absence.


Lauren said...

You will be missed!! Enjoy your time at home. The pictures of the "babies" are so funny! And thanks for sharing the pictures of the flood...all of that was very interesting to read about. It's one thing to watch the news reports, but it's better to hear about it from someone you know who's seen it firsthand.

Sharon Tachenko said...

We'll delight in thinking of you in your favorite little spot in the world. Enjoy stretching your legs - and yes, even being a "runnin' fool." Enjoy the green and the family and sleeping in your own bed and all those luxuries of life off the open road!

Love you both!
Sharon & Michael