June 14, 2008

A New Arrival

I am proud (and excited) to announce a new arrival!
Malcolm's dad just called to let us know that our mare, Lajar, has had her foal. And....wonderfully....she had another blue roan colt. She had the same last year, a beautiful blue colt with a perfect crecent moon on his forhead, who looks like he's going to be a pretty good sized horse.
I really excited that this years colt is blue also.

Roan - For those not familiar with colors and marking of horses, roan indicates a coat that is intermixed with white hairs. There are two varieties, red and blue. Red roans have a unique redish orange appearance. Blue roans appear to be varying shades of gray.
There are a significant number of roans in our area, particularly reds, but I have rarely seen any in the eastern portion of the country.

This is an example of blue roan:

This is an example of red roan:

Lajar is a red roan and the stud is a blue roan. Hopefully the colt will keep his color.
As I said, last years colt out of Lajar was blue. Our other mare, Carrie, had a red roan colt who looks very interesting. He is a red roan with black points (main, tail, and last time I looked some on his legs too) Sort or like a bay roan.

I'll post pictures once we get home and I see him.

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