June 26, 2008

A Runnin Fool

You know in the movie, Forest Gump, when he's running through town and the old man in front of the store says "that boy's a running fool"? Well I don't know why that line stuck in my head, but I think of it everytime I take Carlie Jean out to play. She truly is a "runnin fool." She LOVES to run, and goes and goes. Long after Paris gets tired of it and starts snooping, Carlie Jean is still running big circles and doing "fly by's" at Paris trying to get her to run some more.

When she's done running, she'll join Paris in snooping around. This is only after a long running time. Paris likes to pluck off the flowers on the clover and toss them. She's teaching Carlie, but Carlie just grabs big mouth fulls of grass and flowers. She's not very much lady-like.

I couldn't pick a picture, so I just downloaded them all. Thanks for your patience as I brag about my babies again.

There is a chain of truck stops in the mid-west called Sapp Brothers. Most all of them have a water tower next to them shaped like a coffee pot, and they are mostly all a different shaped coffee pot. I think they are neat, so I snapped a picture. This one is the Sapp Brothers in Omaha, NE.

We're in central South Dakota on our way to Williston, ND. You want to know how small this country is from the trucker's perspective. Well we were pulling off the interstate rolling through Grand Island, NE, and we pulled up next to a truck at a traffic light. It was another owner/operator that used to work for the same guy we worked for in Billings, and left there shortly after we did. Not only that, but it was one of the three guys from our town that worked for that guy. Not only that, but he's on his way to Kill Deer, ND which is not that far southeast of Williston. So we've been running together all day chatting about the company we worked for until recently, home town news and goings on, and of course, trucking. Well, he and Malcolm were chatting. I went to get some sleep when they started talking trucking stuff. I told Malcolm earlier, this country always seemed so large to me, but really....its juat a small lady-like.

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Meag said...

I love the pictures of Carlie and Paris running! I bet they really enjoy it after a long drive!!! That Coffee pot water tower was really neat - I'd like to see some more if you pass any! cute!