June 21, 2008

Favorite Things

For some reason the other day I was thinking about an afternoon in Tennessee when Mom and I watched Opera and she was doing one of her "favorite things" shows. Oh....the envy! She had gone to Macon, GA because that was reported to be the town she was "most viewed in." Non one knew she was coming, and the day before the show, she had gone around town from house to house at 4:00 in the afternoon, and if you the resident was watching her show, she gave them tickets to the next day's filming. And no one knew it was going to be a "favorite things" show, so all these fans not only got the surprise of being in the audience of her show, but they walked away with thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I would LOVE to go to a "favorite things" show.

Well, I may never (probably never) get to do that, but it DID give me a slightly silly, but still fun idea for a blog. Actually I might even make it an installment series. So I snatched my camera and started with what was easily at hand...

I present to you....Sarah's Favorite Things - Beauty

Now don't get too excited. As much as I'd love to, I can't afford to send you all a sample of these items. (wouldnt' that be fun though) And I'm sure several of you are thinking, "Beauty??? Our no fru-fru Sarah who lives in jeans and didn't wear makeup for years is starting with beauty products?"
Well yes, for several reason, but mainly one. Like I said....thats what I had most easily available to me at the moment. But I'm working on the other collections.
SO, lets begin..

I have several favorite beauty products, but I am sharing my favorite three today:

Gucci Envy Me: a couple of years ago when we were in Springfield, MO I wanted a new perfume, not that I remember to put it on that often, and found this. I love it! Rationing it because it was a little pricy, but arn't all nice perfumes? Anyway, if your ever at the perfume counter in your department stores, check out this one. Its really nice! My favorite of the ones I've tryed and had.

MAC eye shadow: they have a whole line of cosmetics, but I've only ever tryed the eye shadows. I like them because they have about a million colors including some really fun ones, and also because you can apply them lightly, but you can also put them on and your eyes will just pop with color. (only for brave and rebelious moments) Check out the teal one! I loved the color. I have nothing to wear it with yet, but I loved the color so I splurged.

MAC has two downfalls for me. The first is the worst...no one in Montana sells it. Fortunatly for me, I'm not limited to Montana shopping malls! The second is they are kind of pricy...about $14 a piece. But if you bring in 6 empty containers you get a free one! (like I'll ever manage to empty 6 of them...maybe in about 12 years I'll have used these up!)

OPI: Yes, your amazed I'm sure, but I DO paint my toe nails and even on occasion, when I manage to have a few, I paint my fingernails too. Here's one of Sarah's Little Beayty Tips for nail biters - even though it looks kind of silly to paint seriously short nails, the bright color catches your eyes as you lift you fingers to your teeth and you remember "oh yeah...not supposed to do that...where's the chewing gum?"

I used to be cheapo nail polish like Revlon and Cover Girl from Walmart. I discovered though, after treating myself to a pedicure in Billings one day, that the OPI polish they used stayed on my toes for a month (I seriously left it on that long....I told you I'm not a big beauty person!) So I invested in a little collection and also discovered that not only does it stay on forever, it also drys faster than my cheapy stuff and so I don't mess it up, which was inevitable with my other stuff.

I discovered at Mom's, that she keeps her OPI nail polish in the refridgerator when I opened it to look for some juice. I was a bit miffed for a moment, and asked her why her nail polish was in the fridge. She said it lasts longer that way, doesn't get dryed out.

Well, I havn't put mine in the fridge yet. Ours in the truck is so small I decided I'd better reserve the space for bottled water and whatever else we put in there to eat or drink, but I'll definatly keep that in mind for future reference. Anyway, I thought that was interesting and thought I'd share that little tip from Mom.

So there you go, a few of my favorite things and tips. Did you ever think you'd be recieving beauty tips from little ole me? Probably not.

Be looking for future installments of "Sarah's Favorite Things."


Meag said...

Fabulous blog idea! I enjoyed your products... I might have to spring for some MAC eye shaddow - I do love their colors!!!!

jenni said...

I love your blog today - actually I enjoy all your blog entries - but how cool. I didn't know this about you and I will be ordering some MAC eyeshadow from Sephora today (need some other "essential supplies) anyway. Can't wait for the next favorite things....

Lauren said...

What a neat idea!!! I think we all should do a "favorites" post. Maybe Oprah will read them, take pity on all of us and UPS us all new cars. ;) I'm totally feelin' you on the OPI! "Tropical Tease" is my fave!