June 7, 2008

The Pied Piper of Hamlin

Weeks ago we delivered a load of lamb meal to a pet food mill in Hamlin, TX. As we drove through the little town I admired buildings, the surroundings, and noticed that the school mascot was the Pied Piper, which I thought made a rather odd mascot. The name of the mill was also Pied Piper Pet Foods.
Today I made the connection. I knew the story of the Pied Piper, you know, the guy with the flute that leads all the rats from the town? I never realized the name of the town in the story was Hamelin.
Get it? Hamelin...Hamlin.....its almost the same.
Here's the irony.
Malcolm went into the mill to find someone to instruct him on where to unload. And when he returned to the truck he told me it was like a horror movie in there. He said he'd not seen rats so big in a long time, they were running around everywhere, on the machinery, in the rafters, on the stacked bags of dog food.....get the picture?
I didn't go to see....but I was sickened by the thought. Not only are little doggies getting cereal for breakfast, apparently they also may be eating....well....other things.
SO, maybe not the town, but the mill in Hamlin is over run with rats, and the Pied Piper needs to come.

I did a little research online and looked up the mills website. They produce dog and cat food for several unnamed pet food brands and do private labeling at the facility. I couldn't find a list of companies they manufacture for.

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Valerie said...

That definitely grosses me out!! (the dog food place)

So sad about your computer. Hope the cure is simple and not expensive. I'll be waiting for more pictures.