June 7, 2008

They Have Soul

I love old buildings. There's just something neat about them. Malcolm likes them too. He likes to go prowl through them. I really think older stuff is neater. It has more character, more individuality. It has soul.

When we pulled into the feed mill this morning to get loaded, we both immediatly spyed this little treasure sitting next to the scale. We had to wait for the mill guys to get back from lunch and Malcolm disappeared on me. Didn't take me long to figure out where he might be once I realized he wasn't working on the trailer.

Sure enough, I went and just stood in front of the building and he appeared from the doorway. He'd been in there discovering finds, like a Gulf road map (the kind you buy at a gas station) of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada from 1973.

After we loaded and I was waiting for him to get the paperwork and weigh out, I went and took a few shots of the building and tanks. There's just something about old places and things.

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