June 24, 2008

Soggy in Wisconsin

In case your wondering what turns a 26 mile trip into a 57 mile trip, check out the pictures below.

See the pump pumping the water back into the "river."

See the houses in the trees. This was/is a neighborhood.

Such a piecefull little river.

These people had a sand bag wall around their house, and it looks like it worked, but they lost their yard and garage. These were all taken in Fort Atkinson, WI.

The next picture was taken in Iowa, north of Cedar Rapids.

I'm not sure how much of that is actually supposed to be river.

Enough water water everywhere....here is a pretty barn in Wisconsin. There are so many huge dairy barns up there.

We're in Kansas now....we left Wisconsin this morning around 6:30am. We make tracks don't we? We'll be delivering in Oklahoma in the morning, reloading and heading to Williston, ND. From there we are supposed to go to Billings, MT, and then home.

Speaking of home....my father-in-law killed a rattle snake IN MY FRONT YARD yesterday when he was mowing. Oh, the joys! I guess Paris and Carlie won't be running around like little wild indians out there. There are lots of rattle snakes in our part of the country, but not in my YARD!!!! Thats against the rules. There was also a really long bull snake in there too. Those are harmless, but I still don't want him in my YARD. Better yet, he was seen slithering out from underneath my house. I guess on the bright side...maybe I don't have mice in the house now. They are always a problem, but I'm thinking if I have a snake den under my house, the mice probably vacated. If I see any snakes that close in, I might vacate the area too!

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Meag said...

The flooding pictures are amazing, and so sad.

I don't to the snake thing - yikes!!! Did you read Tuffy's blog? he found a snake too!