July 22, 2008

Home in July

After three wonderful weeks at home, we're back on the road. Back to the grind stone, back in the saddle, however you want to say it.

Last time we went home we were buried in a foot of snow, remember? Well no catastrophies or natural disasters this time....at least none worth mentioning right now.

Remember this little scene from mid-May? Kind of dry and brown looking....still like winter?

Well try this on for size...mid-July, after an unusually moist and cool summer.

This was the scene that welcomed us home. And it was a very welcome sight.

We had a really nice, though really busy, break. It's haying time, so Malcolm spent a good many of his days swathing hay or doing other jobs related that were needed. He got to use his new welder to make some repairs on the equipement too, which he really enjoyed doing. I spent the time playing with my two colts from last year, working on our house, and making sandwiches for everyone in the hayfields.

Overall, the time at home was refreshing and full of the usual unexpected events, etc. It was a much needed break and we feel refreshed and ready to get another run on the road done. I've taken way too many pictures to share all of them with you, but I'll try. Be looking for future posts. I've got enough to fill several days worth.

Although it would have been preferable to stay home, it's good to be back with my computer and all of you. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


jenni said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time at home and glad you're back to your blog - I've missed you!

Meagan said...

Yay! I am glad you are back!!!! I was realling missing the day-to-day updates that makes me feel so much more "in touch" with you! :-) I am also glad you had a good break though!