July 24, 2008

Those Crazy Crestie Kids

I'm often commenting on no blogging day being complete without my girls, and of course they enjoy being home as much as Malcolm and I do. It is so much fun to watch them go tearing around the house. They OWN the place. Paris and Carlie had a few adventures of their own.

One Saturday Rachelle brought up her Crestie kids and we had a Crestie party. My two girls wern't that impressed. They are not all that fond of their cousins. My girls tend to be a little anti-social with Rachelle's Cresties, which is odd because hers so desperatly want to play, where as my parents dog Tuffy detests my girls, but they are DETERMINED that Tuffy is going to LOVE them! Anyway, we made everyone pause for a photo. And before I get a bunch of emails.....I know its mid July and Rachelle and I are wearing hooded sweat shirts. I'm sorry....in Montana the weather's just different. It was hot while we were home, bit a couple of days it was just down right chilly, and this was one of those days. Just thought I'd say so, before you decided your seeing things, or that Rachelle and I have lost our minds...naked dogs, and now they are wearing winter clothes in July....hmm.

After a day of play my two girls were pooped. They don't usually lay head to head like this, and it was just too cute to resist.

I'm going to show you our home in another blog. Its in better shape than this picture will hint at. Here's the deal. A few of the screens have holes in them from age and weather. We just havn't repaired them. When your only home a few weeks of the year, some things just arn't priority and we can live with it the way it is. Its not one of those things driving us crazy. The worst that happens is an occasional fly finds its way in, but you'll find flys in any house out here, no matter how in tact their screens are. Anyway, what I'm about to show you does not leave this blog....its a little embarrasing.
Carlie and Paris have discovered its great fun to stand on the back of the couch and take in the view of the back yard. Got to make sure there's nothing lerking around that needs a good barking at.

The biggest adventure the girls had at home happened this past Saturday morning. Malcolm had gone to Miles City to get our load of peas and my and the girls stayed home. I was enjoying a cup of cappuccino (not the real thing, though wouldnt' it be fun to have a machine at home) and reading a little before I began getting our things together to leave. Here's where the "oops" happened. I had drunk about all I wanted of the coffee, which was about half of it. I drink slowly an it usually gets cold on me so I don't finish. Well, I thouhtlessly left the room for a minute, never dreaming my sweet innocent girls would partake. But partake they did. Ever heard the slogan "good to the last drop?" Well Carlie and Paris apparently fully agree...because my cup was bone dry and they were licking their lips. I don't know who the actual guilty one is, maybe one, but I'm thinking both. All I have to say is I had SERIOUSLY hyper dogs all morning. Got almost nothing done because I was constantly tripping over them, looking for them, trying to get them to slow down, and they were all up in my business constantly. They came the grand finale. I was taking them outside frequently, because lets face it, I know what coffee does to me, and I didn't want to clean up a million puddles. So we made lots of trips outside and on the last trip, I turned back in to the porch for just a second and turned back around and Paris was outside the yard (a no no) and Carlie was no where to be seen. One minute she was snooping around the yard, the next she was gone. I quickly walked to the back yard calling her name because she does have a tendency to chase bunnies, or whatever moves, around the yard. No Carlie. I called and called and called.

Remember my blog from a few weeks ago "A Runnin Fool" where I posted pictures of Carlie Jean running around like a crazy girl. Well I was standing in the yard trying to think what to do now, when something caught my eye. And there was Jeanie, waaaayyyyy the other side of the HAY FIELD running for all she was worth, around and around and around a hay bale. Fortunatly she must have been getting tired out, because I yelled real load at her, and she came bouncing back just oh so happy and having the time of her life, and I guess I'd be a rotten mommy, but it was just so funny that I couldn't punish her. After all, I'm the one that left the coffee sitting there unguarded. I'm just glad they didn't have a heart attack or something, but I've never in my life seen them that wound up. It was so funny, but not funny, but really really it was.

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