July 26, 2008


Ever seen the movie "Wildflower?" I highly recommend it. Its hard to find though so I'll mail and loan you my copy perhaps if you really want to see it. Anyway, this isn't about the movie, but I thought of it as I typed in my title.

When took the truck to Billings for work I went to B&N, did you expect less, and picked up a copy of the Audabon Wildflower book for western regions. Because as it turned out, due to the unseasonably wet and cool weather, the wildflowers were a little later this year, and I got to see them. There were dozens and dozens of them everywhere. I only photographed a few, but I have a list of about 20 or so that I identified...or I think I identified them anyway. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Echinacea....aka: Purple Cone Flower as Mom always called it....This beautiful and medicinal plant grows everywhere out here, mostly I've noticed it on the hills in the dryer rockier soil. There are huge patches of it and then there are random single blooms here and there.
Common Sunflower: These happy little guys are all over the west and midwest. They grow in the ditches like weeds. I'm glad to report that the road approaching and in front of my house is FULL of them.

This little guy forgot to turn his head towards the sun which is the sunflower rule, but I'll forgive him because it provided a really nice shot for my camera. I love taking pictures at this time of day.

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Looks like a beautiful place