November 6, 2008


Probably my frequent visitors have wondered where on earth I went, seeing as how I dissappeared without notice for more than a week. In a nut shell....we took time off last minute and finally got moved into our new house. It was a lot of hard work, and we rushed to get it done, but once we had our stuff unloaded at the new place, it was kind of a relief to have it over with. The two biggest challenges to move, the two I always dread, were Malcolm's gun safe with weighs close to 1000lbs. Can we say "NIGHTMARE!" Considering when we unloaded it in Montana the first time we used Malcolm's father's tractor, you can get an idea of what the ordeal is like. And this time it went a LOT more smoothly than I expected. But it still had several "hold your breath and don't watch" moments. I can't remember what the other item of anxiety was, but there was one.
We moved in two stages. First we loaded Malcolm's stuff from the shop into the livestock trailer and on Saturday me, Malcolm, and Rachelle went to our new house and unloaded that. Then we met a friend from Nebraska at the horse sale in Billings. Billings has a big horse sale every month I think, but this was a huge one. It was for three days, and Rachelle and I enjoyed walking around an picking out the horses we were going to buy! (lol...I had a hefty trailer load planned by the time we were done...but you know, there just isn't room for them all so I had to let someone else buy them....too bad.)
Sunday and Monday I packed the house up and we loaded it into our rental truck and hightailed it over to Billings on Wednesday where we unloaded. Then Malcolm's family headed home. By Friday evening we had almost everything put away, at least the important stuff. It was nice to feel settled again. Brandon and his wife Jessica came over to grill steaks and just as were getting ready to eat, the phone rang and it was Steve letting us know he had a load ready for us to pick up at 11:00pm. So, we ate, watched a movie, and then threw our things together and headed out the door. I don't really like leaving rushed like that, but its just the way things go sometimes. We've been barreling down the road ever since, averaging 1000 miles a day.
Well, we were barreling down the road until last night, when Maloclm finally decided that visability was just too low, and since we were the ONLY ones on the road, he felt justified in stopping till morning. And here we still sit, watching the snow blow. They've closed the interstate and the side road we needed to take, and so we're stuck here until further notice in Sundance, WY. Things to do when your stranded in a snow storm in your vehicle....provided its a semi.
a. watch DVD's
b. sleep some more
c. listen to your husband make wierd noises because he's bored out of his mine
d. watch the other truck drivers try to push their way against the wind and snow to get in to the truck stop for coffee
e. get your blog up to date

So here we sit....waiting....and we'll be fine as long as it opens soon. We're just bored. What I'm feeling the worst about is that we are loaded with a bunch of calves. The poor little guys have had to stand back there in the snow and wind, which would have happened anyway, but at least they'd be almost to their new home if we were rolling.

Ok, so thats the news with us. Nothing else is different....oh there goes another truck drive in sneakers tromping through the snow. We heard one guy talking about it as he passed us and proclaiming that "they don't have this kind of stuff in North Carolina." And last night in Dickinson, where it had just started, a guy from Texas had come north through South Dakota. We were apprehensive after seeing his vehicle plastered with snow and hearing him talking about slipping and sliding all the way up here, because we had to go south that way. And you should have heard the Texan...."I only come up here once in a while and I can't wait to get the **** back where I belong. How do you people live with this!"
Its rather humerous, cause this is like, ok inconvenient, but normal stuff. Its not near as impressive to me this year as it was last. Its still exciting, but like not anything out of the ordinary, and I don't feel as intimidated by it....of course, thats provided that Malcolm is the one behind the wheel. I don't drive if its worse than light snow fall. This is a little different from "light snowfall." Its not really heavy snow, but the wind is blowing and the roads are slick because it rained a TON before it started snowing. Not the best situation. And what makes it the most difficult, and the reason the roads are closed, is because the wind. Everything is fine, and then a huge gust comes along and all of a sudden you can't see anything. Everything but shadows of the other truck dissappears. So here we sit.
Stay warm and dry.
Till next time...

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Meagan said...

Brrrrrr!!! So weird that you already have snow! It was 77 yesterday! lol.. okay, so I know that's not "normal" but it sure was nice! It was 75 today, but tomorrow it's dropping back to more "seasonal" weather! lol.

Glad you got all moved... can't wait to see more pictures!

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