November 20, 2008

Back on the Road

Well, here we are, back on the road again. And after that much time off, unplanned anyway, it feels good. We enjoyed the time off, but you get to a point where you start to feel guilty for not being at work, and earning money.
Came home to a little problem with the house...more on that later. And since that kind of killed our "couple days off to relax," we took a couple more days off to relax. And since we'd been there that long, Malcolm said we'd just stay home long enough for me to pick up Ella, instead of having Rachelle pick her up. And after I picked her up on Monday night, we took a couple more days off, just because....and then this morning we hit the road again.
We've hooked up to a reefer again and are heading to LA with a load of flour.

Ella's adorable. I have a few pictures, but havn't gotten them on the computer yet. I'll get that done ASAP so you can meet her officially. She's really quite the little spit fire when she gets going, which isn't too often since she sleeps a lot. But when she's good and awake, like this morning, she tears around like a maniac. Paris and Carlie weren't too sure about her to begin with. It took a few days, but Paris is pretty cool with her now, even got down out of bed this morning to tear around with her. Carlie on the other hand is in denial. Refuses to look at her, spent the whole first day trying to stay on the other side of the room from her, and generally mopes around and looks like I've broken her heart. Hope she recovers and gives in to the inevitable soon, cause she's making me feel really guilty. I've noticed though that she's worse when Malcolm is around. When he's been out and its just us girls, Carlie has actually gone over and sniffed Ella, even sorta started to play with her, then remembered "oh yeah...I'm supposed to be acting like its the end of the world." My biggest problem is that neither of the big girls think Ella should get to eat. So we're working on that. Otherwise, things are smoothing out and we're enjoying her, or at least I am.
Talk to you later.

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