November 9, 2008

Good Morning

This is from yesterday morning in Hardin, Mt. I snapped it while Malcolm was washing out our trailer so we could go load more calves for Texas.

How can a day go wrong, when it starts out like this? I believe it can't. I LOVE my Montana sunrises and sunsets.

This is my current wallpaper on my computer screen.

We loaded yesterday morning, drove to Texas and dropped off the babies this morning around 3:00am. They were tired when we picked them up and ragged looking. Malcolm thinks they must have come through part of that storm too. We got them at the sale barn in Billings though, so we don't really know where they came from. Anyway, they all survived, which was a relief after the last load.

Now we just left Cheyenne, WY heading back north. Malcolm decided, being at the end of his rope, frazzled, worn out, and burnt out, that he wanted a couple days off. So we're going home. And a couple days has progressed to a week. So I guess I'll be gone another week. Not that I'm complaining in the least. I'm going to enjoy my house get my hair done, and just be home.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoy this next week. Ella should be home sometime the beginning of next week. I'll introduce her to you officially as soon as I have her!

Till then....

1 comment:

Meagan said...

That picture is amazing!!!

I am glad you are getting some more time off to spend at your new house!!

I do have to say, however, with gas prices down and all the time you've been taking off... are you SURE you can't make Thanksgiving... and Christmas? You know I won't drop it until Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone... that's what little sisters are for, right?