November 7, 2008

Finally Delivered

We finally got to Texas this morning. It was a LONG trip! Windy all the way, and we were both kind of tired from the stress of sitting. You'd think we were rested from sitting there all day, but its kind of stressful, so you don't rest much. You just sit around wondering when you're going to get to go.

Anyway, we unloaded the calves this morning. We did end up having one die during the trip down, but we were surprised and relieved that it was only one. Malcolm found him down in Wyoming, and tryed to get him up, but he couldn't do it. So Malcolm drug him to the side and propped him up so he wouldn't get trampled. The next time we stopped and checked them he had died. Sad to loose one, but relieved it was just one, and I assure you, he won't be the only livesstock lost in that storm.

So now we're heading back north, and hoping the wind has died down. If not, we won't be going far. We'll have to park and wait it out. If its blowing anything like it was last night, we're way too light with an empty trailer to be driving in it.

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