November 6, 2008

On The Move

After 17 hours in Sundance, WY, we're finally on the move. Not because they opened the road we wanted. But they did finally open I-90 westbound, so we chatted with Steve and decided it was better to go 90 miles out of route than to sit there longer. The calves need to get off the trailer. So we drove south to Gillette, and just headed south on hwy 59 to Douglas, where we'll hop on I-25 south to hwy 26 and shoot over to Torrington, WY where we are loading 18 more calves. Then on to Texas.
Only saw one casualty between Sundance and Gillette, but I think it had just happened because the trailer lights were still on. Some poor Prime, Inc driver did a 180 on the east bound side and turned her over in the median. There will be some discount produce somewhere because he threw it all through the roof of his trailer.
Roads are dry and clear, and the wind is storng but at our backs for now. Maybe we can get somewhere now.

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