November 21, 2008

Ella's Home

Here's Miss Ella, home at last. She's SO pretty. I'm very happy with her. And though she's quite a bit more hairy than my other girls and will be more of a grooming challenge, she's exactly what I wanted.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Carlie is kind of in denial, but she's doing a little better every day. Today she stood still while Ella got in her face and barked a very high pitched bark at her. Actually it wasn't one bark. Ella pretty much told her off! But Carlie took it pretty well. And Malcolm's adjusting too. He doesn't like all her hairyness, but every once in a while I'll catch a scene like this.....
Somehow, she keeps ending up in his lap. Malcolm and all his girls! How sweet!

I tryed to get good pictures of her, but she was worn out from her very busy morning or eating, running back and forth through the truck, and pestering her sisters. She just couldn't stand up long enough for a picture. She's still cute though.
I can't decide if Paris likes her or not. She plays with her, but then she gets really irritated with her if she's in the way of eating, in my lap, trying to snuggle with Paris during nap time, or generally in her way. I almost wonder if Paris views her as a really neat wind up toy that won't stop playing when Paris is finished. But she does occasionally tolerate Ella's snuggling.

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Meagan said...

The last picture takes the cake! Too cute!