November 22, 2008

Other Stuff From Home

Ok, so here's the other part of what happened when we were home. We got home on a Sunday evening. Monday morning, Malcolm went downstairs, sat down in the recliner, reclined, and saw this.....

Well actually at the point where he saw it, it was a big white bubble. This was taken after he cut it with a knife to let the water drain out of it. You see, it would seem that the kitchen sink was plumbed with copper and the pipes had corroded to the point where they finally cracked....while we were gone. In fact it was so small a crack it took us a couple of hours for us to figure out where the water was coming from. A big clue was when I was standing by the kitchen sink and mentioned that I didn't remember the seam of two of the boards being sharp, at which point Malcolm got this "dread" look on his face, came over and pushed on the boards, and water seeped up between the seams. Lovely! So not only the ceiling in the basement, but water under the wood floors in the kitchen. Fortunatly the insurance covers it. The adjuster came out on Tuesday to look at it and estimated it to be about $7500 worth of damage, unless the sub-floors are also bad. We won't know that until we rip up the floors, but he said just let him know and they'll take care of them too. The joys of home ownership....

On a brighter note, I finished my book while I was home. So here's another recommendation from me.

This was kind of a long read, but I really enjoyed it. It's also recommended by Opra, and most of her recommendations are worth reading. Check it out sometime.

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Meagan said...

I know it's not funny, but i was laughing at the mental image of Malcolm reclining only to look up and see that he had a water bubble about to pop on his head!