May 3, 2009

Sunday Entertainments

We picked up our hopper this morning, and are satisfied with it. Its a used trailer, so obviously it isn't perfect. Like a couple of tires need replaced, and the tarp has some patches on it, which aren't that hot. We'd like a new tarp for it. But overall, its a nice trailer.

After picking it up at 9:00 this morning we drove the entire 15 miles north to Worthington, MN where we've been all day. Malcolm worked on a few things on the trailer. I read, did some cross stitch, and let the girls run around crazy in this little grassy yard next to a plowed corn field, praying the whole time that they'd stay out of the field. It looked muddy. And they humored me and did as I was wishing.

Around 3:00 we went into the truck stop cafe for some dinner. Over dinner we enjoyed a side show of a car rolling down the exit ramp near the truck stop before bursting into flames. We watched it burn while cars continued to get on and off the interstate, right next to it. Frankly, I wouldn't have acknowledged the stop sign as many of them did, taking a long pause to look at traffic as they sat next to a burning vehicle. I think I might have rolled on through...cautiously of course. We ate our mashed potatoes as the fire department arrived and put out the fire. As we enjoyed the rest of our meal, I watched as the fire department left, leaving behind a smoldering vehicle, only half consumed, and a state trooper. I assume he was doing paper work. And then the car reignited, with flames leaping out the driver's window. So the fire department returned and once again extinguished the flames. Its not just any regular Sunday that you get to watch a car fire over dinner! Should I start taking my camera to meals with me?

After dinner we drove across the interstate to another truck stop that has a truck wash. Malcolm took a nap and I read more while we waited for the wash to open, which it did a few minutes ago and they are busily washing out the interior of the trailer, which looked as if its never been washed in its entire two and a half year life. Ick!

Afterwards, we have to go fax a bill of sale to our prorate service so they can get our tag work done in the morning. Then its an exhausting 6 miles to our pick up in Brewster, MN. We're loading urea in the morning. Urea, if you remember from my posts last summer, which you probably don't, is a fertilizer component, or perhaps the fertilizer in its entirety. Not sure, but I know it falls in that category somehow. We're taking it to Fort Pierre, SD.

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Meagan said...

Your flaming car story cracked me up! I see it like it's a movie... y'all casually eating dinner, peering our the window, "well honey, look at that!" and the reply, "Hm." LOL