May 2, 2009

The Open Road

After a few days at home, its back to the open road. Ahhh....the smell of diesel, the feel of asphalt, the bumps and jolts....its all part of the package!
We had a nice few days at home. Got things packed up and set up for a long absence. Even got some play time in. And yesterday while Malcolm took a nap (he's just exhausted from the stress of change. Change really does a number on us both sometimes) I went outside into the beautiful sunshine and fairly warm temperatures. I was just going out for a minute to look and listen to the birds, but I ended up, on impulse, pulling a few weeds out of the flowerbeds next to the porch. Forty-five minutes later I had lugged three buckets of weeds out to the manure pile. There's nothing like the feel of the sun on your back, dirt stains on your hands, grime under your nails, and clean flower beds to make you feel like you've accomplished something. I actually enjoyed it! And imagine, I used to loath weeding! Granted I have no flowers in my flower beds. But bare naked dirt looks so much better than akle high grass clumps and random weeds.

Stopped at Pryor Creek Bar and Grill for breakfast this morning with Brandon before leaving for Iowa. The resteraunt, all 10 tables, was full, so we went and sat in the bar. We were the only ones over there, and it was dark, but nice and quiet and private, and the waitress used us for an excuse to escap from the rush and pressing work in the cafe (she was serving the whole thing herself). She even took her smoke break with us. We were also joined momentarily by the resident cat, who happily hopped up on the barstool next to me and curled up for a visit. I was getting Malcolm's phone to take a picture, but apparently he's opposed to having his portrait made. He left with a slightly insulted withering glance in my direction.

Now we're on the open road, cruising down I-90 towards Crow Agency, where we'll hop off on US 212 and cut over to South Dakota, then east to Iowa. We'll pick up our trailer in the morning, and then probably load Monday morning. Its a beautiful day, Ella's curled up in my lap (she's in a clingy stage, they all go through it), and we're feeling optimistic and enthused about our new "old" adventure. After a rainy week, I'm glad we're starting this new leg of our journey with such a beautiful day!

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Meagan said...

Glad you are back! I finally got over being sick... and I'm telling I.Was.Sick! :-)

You have got to email me your numbers again, because I think I them all mixed up, lol. I don't know which is cell, home, and Malcolm. lol :-)

Hope your new, old, adventure brings you our way!!!! :-) LOVE YOU!