May 8, 2009

I Love My Mom

As Mother's Day draws near, I've been thinking about what I could do special for her from 2000 miles away. My mind also strayed to all the things she's done for me. I was blessed with incredible parents. I couldn't have asked for or expected a better childhood, and as an adult, she is one of my best and closest friends. She has given me so much in life, and there is no thanks great enough. I love you Mom! You've taught me so much, with intention and also just from watching you.

From my Mama I learned:

  • to share

  • to love

  • the meaning of friendship

  • a love for God's creations

  • the beauty of a garden

  • that reading is fun

  • to respect myself as well as others

  • to be proud of who I am

  • that I am special and God loves me

  • the joy of raising chickens

  • that piano music is beautiful

  • to sing praises to my God

  • that being a mother and wife is the greatest privilege in the world

  • to ask forgiveness of those you hurt

  • to never assume anything

  • that there are always consequences of our choices

  • that an active relationship with God is important

  • that the best place to spend a summer afternoon is on the porch with a glass of tea and your mom

  • that families love each other no matter what

  • the joy of cooking

  • that you have to clean up the kitchen when your done

  • that exercise is more fun with a friend

  • the joy of watching birds eat at your feeders

  • that traveling to new places is always an adventure

  • the importance of pampering yourself once in a while

  • that my Daddy is even more amazing than I realized

  • pride in my southern heritage

  • an appreciation for desserts

  • the rewards of personal sacrifice

  • that there's no place like home

  • that being different is a good thing

  • that craft shows are really cool

  • that sister's make great friends

  • that I am loved beyond all comprehension by my mother

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