May 29, 2009

Nothing New

Just thought I'd drop a note for no reason. There's nothing new to tell or show. We took another load of meat and bone meal to the same place in California, picked up fertilizer at the Port of Sacramento again, and are now loading apples in Washington again.

I guess two points of interest I can mention are:

a. my TWIC card finally came in, though Malcolm's wasn't ready. So we were able to go load at the port on our own without having to get another driver to drive us in. I just had to "supervise" Malcolm the whole time since I was the one with the card.


b. this load of apples goes to Michigan for a Monday morning delivery, so as soon as we get out of here we're high tailing it to Shepherd. Hope to be there by midnight, spend the night at home, mow the grass, pick up the mail, and get my hair touched up, not to mention do laundry, give the girls another bath, check on the house, visit with Brandon and Jessica, put a part of the tractor so we can mow.....I'm out of breath just thinking of it all....and all to be done before we have to leave Saturday evening! The neighbors will hate us. We might be out mowing before sun rise!

We haven't been by the house since May 5th. Our neighbors to the west of us called and said they were keeping an eye on things, they couldn't get the key to work in our door, and that our yard was doing very well despite it being so dry. I took that to be a hint that we need to mow badly. We'll see when we get there. At least they did say that the mustard weeds are really tall.

So, I guess I'll have more to say on Monday. I'll let you know if we could find out house among the weeds, and if the post office gave up on us and sent all our mail back to the senders.
Have a great weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Enjoy your time at home. Sure, it'll be spent mowing, etc., but it's still home.