May 15, 2009

My Experience with Florists

Randomly.....I'm craving something really salty, really good, really bad for me. I don't have a clue what it is though! I just know I NEED it badly!

For Mother's Day this year we did flowers. Meagan and I had a bouquet delivered to Mom at work by Ringgold Florist. Mom said it was beautiful and everyone at her school talked about it. I've used Ringgold Florist a few times and they never fail me. I actually ordered it online and the lady called me because they didn't have the vase featured in the arrangement I'd ordered. She spent a full 30 minutes of her busy day on the phone with me trying to figure out something. So I highly recommend them....if you need to send someone flowers in that area.

Malcolm wanted to send his mom flowers too. Living so far from town...well the local florists don't really drive 45 miles into the country to deliver 1 arrangement, or any for that matter, so I looked into sending some by mail. I've never done that before so it was a new experience. I ended up using FTD, just because I'd heard of them, where as others were unfamiliar to me, or didn't have arrangements that could be mailed. They were all delivered by local florists. (wonder what they would have done if I'd ordered one of those. Recon they'd of had the florist deliver them? Probably not.)

Her arrangement was delivered promptly, as scheduled. Kudos to FTD for that accomplishment. In an area where mail is delivered only three times a week, we worried that the FedEx guy would be put out for having to drive all the way to that area just for flowers. Hopefully he had some other deliveries to make out there...but if not...tough luck. He's not that nice anyway. Kind of grumpy, from what I've heard.

Anyway, her flowers arrived on time, but wilted and one stem broken. I was not a happy camper at all. How disappointing. However, I called FTD yesterday and they issued me a full refund, no questions asked. So, they did redeem themselves somewhat. I'm sure the broken stem easily happened in route. But the wilting....I can find no excuse for.

In my search for a florist, I got to thinking...what a neat job! Maybe I'd like to do that. So, we'll add "florist shop" to my list of future businesses I plan to have. I will now run a coffee shop, bake shop, book store, florist shop, horse barn, farm, ranch, and also be a stay at home house wife. Whew! I think I have my work cut out for me. Did you read truck driver in that list anywhere? No? I didn't think I saw it there either! Hmmm.....well....Johnson Trucking is probably going to have to finance all those businesses of mine, so I guess I should put a little more time into it. It's only fair, right?

Does anyone know of a reliable source for mail order florist arrangements? I'd like to try it again later, but not unless I know my special someone will receive a lovely, intact, flower arrangement to warm their heart and day.


Meagan said...

Mom has gone on and on about the flowers... I was SO glad they were as pretty in real life as they were on line! :-)

Paula said...

Hope you don't mind I've been lurking here in your blog tonight. Your name caught my eye in Jen's blog as that is a saying I remember from my childhood. Interesting blog. Paula from South Texas