December 17, 2008

Weather or not....

It's starting to look like the winter weather is just going to be our constant companion for a while. we left Billings Sunday night and delivered in Salt Lake City Monday morning. Ahhh, the joys of morning rush hour in the snow. And doesn't this look a sight different from Chattanooga on the rare occasion that the roads there resemble these.

We reloaded in Ogden, just north of SLC. We loaded cookies from Lofthouse, you know the ones you see at Walmart with the thick icing on top and sprinkles? And we also have other kinds as well. They are frozen and going to a distribution center in Phoenix. You should have SMELLED the place! Oh my goodness! I got out of the truck and it hit me like a wall, as if I had walked into a bowl of batter. Amazing! But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and after sitting there 7 hours waiting to load, I wasn't much enjoying the aroma of fresh baked cookies. But on the bright side, they took pitty on us and gave us three boxes of cookies: oatmeal, chocolate (that arn't that good), and those iced sugar cookies I mentioned.

But back to the white stuff. It spit snow at us all day, but it melted quite a bit. Finally heading south around 10:00 last night, I got south of SLC and fueled and crossed a hill and ran into a full out snow shower. It must have just dumped snow because there were about 5 inches on the interstate with two tire tracks going through. The snow plows hadn't gotten there yet, and seeing as I was the lead truck (because the other guys just stayed behind me even when I slowed down) I got to take on the role of trail blazer. It was great! Actually it wasn't that bad, and it did add a little adventure to the evening. So there we went blazing a trail through the snow for about 20 miles before a couple of snow plows jumped on in front of me. I backed off and let them lead the way for about 15 miles before they bailed out on me and went back north. Off we went again, though there was a bit more of a packed snow lane to follow. I still got to be the leader.
Then we forged our way across Utah's back country roads. By that point the snow had let up, it wasn't as deep, and the roads were mostly clean. However, I was spent from my trailblazing, so I pulled off and we slept a while.
This morning we've been in the snow off and on all day. Or at least Malcolm has. I slept and read, and relaxed in back. Temperatures were in the low 30's which was still cold, but a sight better than the previous days. Our goal, which we attained, was to get south of Flagstaff as soon as we could. We accomplished this about 30 minutes ago, after stopping there to fuel. Want to see why?

It was snowing heavily when we arrived, with about 6 inches on the ground already. And from what I saw on the internet they are supposed to get 8-12 more inches tonight. We decided we wern't going to play around, even though we don't have to be anywhere till 2:00am. Its kind of hilly coming out of there. Well lets be honest, you decend a mountain and drop a few thousand feet in altitude quickly. We're going to go sit in Phoeniz instead where they are expecting 1-3 inches of rain. Not sure how often it does that there, but we'll see what happens.
Here are a few more Flagstaff pictures for you.


Meagan said...

It might be a pain to drive in, but it sure is beautiful!!!

Meagan said...

I am diggin' on the new color scheme!

Beth Chappelear said...

Wow - that snow is amazingly beautiful. I am green with envy!