December 12, 2008


If you are like most people, your only aware of one use for Tampons. But your wrong! Ella uses them, in her ears! Yep, its a common practice, when training the ears to stand, to use the cotton portion of Tampons as support rods. Works pretty well too. I'd only been using tape, having to tape them 3-4 times a day because it doesn't stay on that well. And her ears will stand for a few hours, but then they flop over. So, I decided to go ahead and go the Tampon route. I've never tryed it before. Paris's ears were practically already standing when I got her. Carlie's ears still don't stand. Maybe I should have tryed this method with her. Anyway you tape the cotton rod to the inside of the ear, then wrap the ear with medical tape, and then make a "bridge" across from ear to ear so that they are forced to stand. Three days of this, then a day off to breath and relax, and then we start again. And miracle of miracles....her tape has stayed on for all three days!!!! I might not go broke buying medical tape after all!

What a clown! She is harder to get a picture of than either of the other two! This taping of the ears can take any where from a couple of weeks to more than 6 months, depending on the dog. Some, like Paris, stand right away. Other's, like Carlie, never stand. Ella has quite a bit of hair on her ears that has to be shaved off every couple of days because the hair weighs down the ears. Actually Carlie's ears would probably stand a little better if I would shave off her ear fringe, but its just so pretty, and it took so long to grow that I hate to shave it off. And since she's just our pet and not a show dog, I'm going to let her stay with floppy ears. But Ella, even if I don't show her, will be so pretty with nice errect ears and flowing black ear fringe, that I'm determined they WILL stand, even if I go crazy taping, taping, and re-taping!
So there you go. Bet you'd never think to find tampons used in a dogs ears! Keep your fingers crossed for us that her ears will stand prettily! I'm taking the tape off here shortly to giver her ears a day of rest.

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Meagan said...

Nice! She is a cutie pie!!!!