December 9, 2008

Mountain Majesty

I'm posting to blog entries today because I just remembered that I never posted those pictures I was taking Saturday that I wrote about. So anyway, enjoy these pictures of the Montana mountains, and then check out the next entry too. They are both new.

These are mountains between Billings and Bozeman, MT.

And on a random note....we just passed a house in Ashton, Id which is at the base of a huge hill that climbs up into the Yellowstone area and towards Montana. Seriously, they had every winter inflatable decoration you can get. You know, the big Santa, the giant inflatable snow globes with characters in them, everything. And they wern't just scattered. They were very organized into a line around the perimeter of the yard. They surrounded the house entirely. Intersting! I always wonder, "Where do people store this stuff?!?!??!"

I forgot my other adventures this morning. As soon as I got to Utah just north of Saint George I ran into snowy icy roads. Not too bad, but enough to slow down a little. It was in the low 20's high teens. About 100 miles in or more, I passed a FedEx truck in the median, packages scattered hither and yon. Hope no one ordered anything that was on that truck. I wonder what they do about that sort of thing? And so then we stopped for something to eat. By then the roads were clean, just wet. Well I guess they were still a little icy. I know the parking lot was cause I slipped, but didn't fall. Anyway, we're walking across the parking lot and I heard this odd noise that sounded like a jet in the distance, or something dragging across asphalt but really loud. Well....it turned out to be a car loosing control, rolling over, and landing on its top in the median. The idiot must have been flying! Hope they were ok. Emergency crews arrived shortly, and hung around, a little while, but left before we finished eating, so it must not have been too serious. So anyway, that was interesting. You don't get to see that everyday. We didn't actually see him flipping. There was a building between us, but from our seat in the resteraunt we had a front row view of the whole clean up process. Watched the police arrive, watched people stop to "help" and all these people running back and forth acoss the interstate, etc. It was something new to watch and discuss during our meal anyway!
Well we've climbed the Ashton Hill into Yellowstone territory. From here on out its mountain forests and little tourist towns that are vacated for now. Once they get some decent snow up here (they only have a few inches now) this becomes the snow mobiling center of the world, and you really have to watch for them cause they'll cross the road in front of you. But for now its pretty empty, the roads a little snow packed, and its pristine and frontierish. I like it through here. Too bad its getting too dark for pictures. Maybe next time.

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Meagan said...

What a day of adventures! I like the mental image of the Fed-Ex truck... it ranks up there with the mental image of the watermelon truck mom saw turned over this summer! :-)