December 7, 2008

Music Worth Listening To

Are you familiar with George Winston? I have two of his songs on my playlist for this blog. My first encounter with George Winston was from a record of my Mom's. It was his December album. I loved to play it on my record player in my room and listen to him play the pianno. Beautfiul music!

Then one winter, Mom took me, and I think maybe Meagan went too, to the Tivoli Theatre in downtown Chattanooga. I felt so special and grown up to be going to a concert at the Tivoli. Everyone was so dressed up and it was so elegant. That is one of my two strongest memories from that night. The other is that George Winston walked out on stage to play the baby grand in casual dress pants and a sweater and socks. He didnt' wear shoes the entire night. I remember that! He did the whole concert in just his socks.

I now have several of his CD's: December, Autumn, Summer, Forest, Plains (which has a song titled "Montana") and Linas and Lucy: A Tribute to Vince Guaraldi. But December is still my favorite of his albums. All of them are my favorite quiet time, relax music to listen to.

I'll always have Mom to thank for my love of music. And I'll always love George Winston's music. I would love to go to another one of his concerts one day and be able to enjoy and appreciate it from an adult's perspective. But I will also always treasure my memories from that concert Mom and I went to.

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Meagan said...

What a great post! I love, love, love his stuff! So relaxing... I paly it in my classroom all the time. I had forgotten about that, but now I remember going, what a neat memory!