December 9, 2008

Another Night in Las Vegas

I think maybe Las Vegas just isn't my city, and I'll let Malcolm drive through there from now on. This time I was going through about 3:00 this morning on I-15, and there was construction. Not the detour kind, but the kind that takes 4 lanes down to one. Now at 3:00 in the morning, this isn't a problem traffic wise. But when the barrels are nocked down and a sleepy truck driver (not me) thinks the lanes are opened back up, and then suddenly realizes they arn't and swerved over into the lane in front of you and the truck your following, then its kind of a traffic hazard. I nearly creamed the tail end of the truck I was following.

Now there is a practice in truck driving called "good following distance," and I could probably have used a little more of that, so I decided to back off a little more, and a good thing. Because less than 5 minutes later I find myself in the midst of a high speed police chase (not chasing me). They were after a little red car, and came zooming up along side me, and passed me and the two cars ahead of me. Then the little red car decides to swerve across both lanes of traffic and exit, followed closely by the police car in hot pursuit, causing the cars in front of my to slam on their break. But because this responsible truck driver had "good following distance" I just casually merged into the left lane and cruised on by.

So anyway, that was my excitment for the night. I don't much care for LasVegas!

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Meagan said...

No more Las Vegas for you! I think you are getting caught in all their crime beat! lol