July 30, 2010

A Week In Review

This time last week we were sitting in Kentucky. Since then we're traveled through a number of states, but we are still about 1000 miles behind our average for the week, having traveled only 3031 miles thus far. That puts us at about 2000 miles short for the three weeks we've been out since our break over the 4th.

From Kentucky, we loaded in southern Indiana and delivered a load of corn gluten to Kansas City. I couldn't seem to get a picture of Kansas City without a billboard in it, so I just picked the best one out of the bunch, but I'm not purposely advertising for whatever that billboard is about.

After Kansas City, we re-loaded nearby and took a load of corn to northern Arkansas, then jumped back up into Missouri to load poultry meal. That load went to Nestle Purina in Flagstaff, AZ.
Along the way in New Mexico there was another hot air balloon, a frequent sight in that state. I actually managed to get a picture this time, but there were a few power lines I couldn't avoid.  I think that would be fun to do one day, take a hot air balloon ride.
Flagstaff was nice and cool in the 70's and felt delightful after a weekend in the south's heat and humidity. After unloading there, we traveled north towards Utah, enjoying the aroma of cedar and sage brush after a rain storm along with the beauty of an Arizona desert sunset.
We stopped for the night out there in the desert and the next morning, finished our trip to Monticello, UT where we loaded wheat. Malcolm drove through Canyonlands National Park as the sun was rising. He was it was spectacular. I was asleep and missed it. I did get to enjoy some of the unique rock formations of southeast Utah, just not the more famous ones.
Our load of wheat was headed to Platteville, Co which is north of Denver. That meant a 450 mile drive across western Colorado and the Rocky Mountains on I-70. This time Malcolm missed the scenery while he slept, and I enjoyed watching storms build over the Rockies.

We delivered the wheat this morning and reloaded at the same place with wheat midds, which is too lengthy to explain so I'm providing a link that explains it briefly.

Just south of Fort Collins, CO I was watching the crop duster at work, which is always entertaining because they swoop so low. We heard a story of one that accidentaly flew into the side of a truck's trailer that was passing by on the road. He must not have been paying attention.

This guy stayed high enough to be safe though and made several passes over this field while I watched.

We are now in western Wyoming and its getting late. The sunset is just finishing up and it was beautiful as always. Wyoming is like Montana in that it rarely fails to provide spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
We expected in California on Monday morning, in Petaluma which is north of San Francisco in US101. Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with my Sunday Stills post! Till then....

I just re-read my post and realize that there are a number of typographical errors in it still. I thought I had caught them all. Let me just apologize. Given my overly sensitive keyboard and mouse, and Wyomings slightly bumpy interstate...well its a bad combination for both typing and reading. Now its late, their is a moth that has flown in the window and is irritatingly making use of my bright computer screen, and I am just too tired to bother with the typos.If I were self-disciplined enough I would wait till morning and fix them then post, but I'm going to go ahead and post now, b/c I know many of you do your blog reading in the mornings. I know, I know...lazy and a bad example as a former teacher, but as I've said before...I taught Science and not Language Arts for a reason!
Good Night All! 


Ed said...

Pretty busy here, since starting the southeast regional things have picked up. Be careful, there was a prison break in Kingman and the convicts are on the loose..
Stay Safe..:-)

small farm girl said...

You get some of the best pictures! I think it would be fun to drive truck. Well, at least for a little while. I'm a home body. lol