July 22, 2010

Turning Out the Lights

Tonight we just finished unloading ground limestone in Lexington, KY at this place.

This is GE Kentucky Glass. You ought to recognize at least part of that name. GE Kentucky Glass is part of General Electic Corp., which is known nationally, and probably globally, for its production and sale of light bulbs. Walk around your house and see how many GE bulbs are in your light sockets. I bet you have at least one!

Well here at GE Kentucky Glass, they produce 1 million light bulbs a day, operating around the clock. Or perhaps I should say they did produce 1 million a day.

We pulled in the gate around 6:00 and one of the forman met us there, and hitched a ride on our running board around back to where we were unloading. Along the way he informed us that we were the last load the plant was receiving.

After 64 years of production, having started operations in 1946, GE is shutting this plant down on Saturday and moving operations to...you guessed it...China!

The two gentleman who were in charge of our unloading have worked here for 50+ years combined. They said there were around 130 people who will be finding themselves jobless after tomorrow.

So we say farewell to another company, another employer, who has chosen to become a traitor to the US for the sake of a dollar.  I think I just bought my last GE light bulb.


Meagan said...

WOW! I hate when businesses leave. So sad. I hope your next load brings you my way!!!! :-)

frugalmom said...

Thats awful. I cant even imagine how those employees must feel. After all that service and dedication to that company....Terrible.

Dreaming said...

How terrible! Now our light bulbs won't be worth a darn and may even give off some harmful substance due to poor/cheap production practices.
I hate seeing jobs go overseas and leaving so many people without a means to make a living. How sad.

small farm girl said...

That makes me sooooo mad!!!!!! How can we buy American when EVERYTHING is made somewhere else? Don't even get me started!!!!!
P.s. You were ohly 2 hrs from my house. lol