July 2, 2010

America The Beautiful

words by Katharine Lee Bates

Oh beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesty,

Above the fruited plain!



God shed His grace on thee,
photograph by Meagan Stiner

And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea...
...to shining sea!
Of all the songs and poems written about our great country, America The Beautiful is probably my favorite. I've always loved our great country, but after almost 4 years of truck driving and seeing nearly the entire country (all but Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine), I am truly in awe of its grandeur, beauty, and how blessed I am to live here!
We may not always like the choices our government makes, but what an honor to be allowed to express that displeasure without fear of persecution. We tend to grumble about the economy and how bad things are, and yet we still live in one of the most blessed countries in the world. We have things SO good compared to so many others. I gripe and complain, roll my eyes at the news, get so incredibly disgusted with how things are being done, and then July 4th rolls around, and every time it does, I am struck by how fortunate I am, and wonder what on earth I have to complain about really.
I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful and inspiring 4th of July.


Dreaming said...

Your pictures illustrate the song so beautifully. I had goosebumps as I read through your blog. We are indeed fortunate to live here.
I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 4th. Most importantly, thank you to everyone who helps to make our country safe and helps to keep it beautiful.

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

Awesome pictures.

I just heard this song and thought of you.

Gary Allan - Highway Junkie


Sharon Tachenko said...

I got teary! 'Twas very moving, Sarah! Beautiful, indeed!

theegggather said...

Great post. We do live in a great country.

I appreciate you work, keep up the good work and stay safe out there on the wide open road.

God bless.

A trucker's daughter.

Meagan said...

What a perfect post! Great idea, great pictures, great song!