July 19, 2010

An Introduction and An Annoucement

I got four very special gifts for my birthday last month. Malcolm bought me a Pandora bracelet, something I've been wanting for several months now. Mom bought me two charms to go on my bracelet, and she and I went together to get them so it was extra special. Malcolm's mom and dad bought me a purse that I had admired in the store but not allowed myself to buy. My mother-in-law snuck back and bought it for me along with the matching wallet and a few other gems to go with it. I was so surprised!

The fourth special gift I got was from my sister-in-law. Remember this little guy I introduced you to at branding?

Rachelle knew I'd been aching for a horse for the longest time, and that I was in love with the stud that had fathered this little jewel. So she gifted him to me. I was shocked, and I have to admit that I didn't take her seriously for quite sometime, wanting to make sure she was sure she wanted to give him away. But she has assured me numerous times that this is what she wants. And so, I am happy to introduce you to my new baby, Sky.

I'm calling him Sky because he has sky blue eyes, and also because Rachelle believes he is going to color out like the stud, who reminds me of a cloudy sky with his gray and white markings.

Sky's going to have a lot to learn before I can climb on him, and a lot of growing to do to. But in the mean time, I'm happy to just look at the picture and think, "hey! I have a horse."

Its kind of sad knowing I won't be seeing him much, but there is one piece of news that makes my heart sing and also means I'll see more of Sky than you would think, at least when we're home. 

If you remember a few blog posts back, I hinted that there might be another move in our future. After much consideration, we have made the decision to follow through on that idea. I love my house in Billings, but my house is about the only thing I love about being in Billings. I have never felt happy, settled, or belonging in that place. Not completely. And our reasons for being there no longer exist. The whole purpose was to work with a trucking company that was going to get us home on a weekly basis, something that was marvelous while it lasted, but really lasted such a short time. Only the first few months we were there!

The more we considered, the fewer reasons we could find to stay and the more reasons we came up with to go. And so, I am happy to announce officially that we are returning to the ranch near Baker. I could not be more excited and thrilled. Sure its less convenient in many ways, but the blessings of being there far outweigh the inconveniences of being so far from everything (we will be roughly 45 miles from town and at least 2 hours from the closest Wal-mart, but quite frankly, by the time I get to go home, I don't WANT to go anywhere!).

Knowing we are really going to do this is making it extremely hard to stay out on the road working. We need to work at least 4 more weeks before taking another break, and there are things to be done in Billings before we can pack up and go. The ceiling and wall need fixed in the basement from the water damage it received after that last big storm. And there is tons of packing, organizing, cleaning and such to be done before we will let the realtor show the place. Aside from that overwhelming job, I am anticipating it still. There are really only two places I'd like to live. Either close to my family, or close to Malcolm's. We can't do both because they live far from each other, but at least we can be close to one again! And my brief existence at the ranch was one of the happiest times of my life! 
Now we just have to make things happen so that we can be there more often!


frugalmom said...

Oh my goodness! What a great birthday you had!! And I know (from when you stopped through here for visit) how much you had been wanting to get a horse again! I am so happy for you. :-) And boy is he ever beautiful!

And the move, too!!! Wow! Everything you had been talking about is becoming a reality. These next 4 weeks are going to go by super fast so that you can get your hands dirty and get the house all ready to be sold.

Yay for horses! And yay for moving back to the ranch!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your birthday sounds absolutely fabulous!

Love the photos.

small farm girl said...

Wow! This post is full of suprises!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Shirley said...

Terrific news! That is a beautiful foal, and I'm sure you will have a good place for him when you move back to the ranch. Yay for you!

ACountryCowgirl said...

I am sooooo happy for you on both accounts. God is soooo good. Your baby is so adorable. I know you will love raising him up on the ranch:)

Dreaming said...

How exciting! You have so many wonderful changes in front of you. All of those great things will help make the drudgery of cleaning and prepping a house for sale that much easier!

Meagan said...

I am so happy that you are so excited about the move! THAT is what matters to me! :-) I know if you are excited that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to! :-) I hope the house moves quickly and that it'll be a smooth and swift move! :-)

Love you!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! So many big happenings and changes over here!

First of all, congrats on your birthday!
And second, congrats on your new colt, Sky.
Will you be keeping him at your new place once he's weaned? Will you be gentling him and training him to ride yourself?
I'm impressed! I don't know anything about training a foal to become a riding horse. And Sky will grow up fast, too. My neighbor's filly, Yallah! is already over a year old, and it seems like yesterday that I watched her birth.

You're going to be one busy gal these next few months for sure.