November 1, 2009

Sunday Stills: Halloween

This past weeks challenge for Sunday Stills was Halloween.

As over the road truck drivers, I didn't expect to have many opportunities to photograph this event. I should have been more prepared. There were far more restaurants decorated that I expected. One was even playing creepy music as we breakfasted on Saturday morning.

Friday evening we were in Tucson, AZ and the Triple T Truck Stop. If you get the chance to stop there, have the deep dish peach pie. Really good! And they put a mile high pile of soft serve vanilla ice cream on top. I selfishly had my own piece. I didn't feel like splitting. To make up for the calories I consumed, I let that be my meal. Don't you think that evens things out?

Anyway, it wasn't just the restaurants getting in the spirit. The girl working at California's Agricultural Inspection station was wearing a head band with bobbling skulls and pumpkins on it. She looked really comical with her skulls and pumpkins bobbling around as she climbed up on our trailer to inspect the apples we were hauling.

Of course I hadn't carried my camera in with me anywhere, so I didn't get pictures of that. All I have are three pictures I took of the girls.

You see, I participate in a program called Trucker Buddy. Some of you may remember me mentioning it before. I was teamed up with a 2nd grade class in Minnesota and I send them postcards and I also make posts on a blog I started just for them. The program is really great, and if you know a truck driver, tell them about this! Its so rewarding, doesn't take that much time, and they are short on drivers. Here's a link to Trucker Buddy. Through my postcards, letters, and pictures, I'm helping teach the kids about our country, and they also learn about trucking and what we do. They have sent me the sweetest letters and drawn pictures for us. So they are also work on their writing skills too.

So, anyway, what that had to do with my Halloween pictures, is....the kids are amused with my naked dogs, and the fact that they wear clothes. Their teacher emailed me last week, and mentioned that the kids seemed to be thinking the girls would have costumes.

Well of course I couldn't let them down, so I made a Walmart run, and since I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and everything "pet" is too big for my little ones, I had to create some "costumes" for my girls.

Here's what we ended up with.

Paris, knowing by her deepest inner feeling that she truly is a real life princess, decided to dress as the part.
Carlie Jean, a natural blond, enhanced her lovely locks to play the part of Little Red Riding Hood.
Ella....oh Ella...as many of you know, Ella and I were going to enter the show ring and make a grand debut, sweeping the crowd off their feet and taking home "Best of Breed" every time! Alas, life had other plans, and besides Ella's ears never learned to stand completely straight. So, she decided to live out her dreams of fame as a movie star instead.

Anyone who ever tryed to dress up a dog and take a lovely picture of said animal, knows that it truly is a test of even the greatest photographers skill. Ella was especially difficult, never having learned to love having her picture made. And the sunglasses were a real trial for her.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are gorgeous and so adorably funny and sweet! Your photos turned out fabulous! I do know how difficult it can be to take photos of wiggling moving pets. whew! You have to take about a hundred to get one good one. And you did, too! Great captures!

I think it's so neat that you participate in Trucker Buddy. I'd heard of that a long while ago, but had forgotten...and of course, didn't have anyone close that was a trucker. Hubby is just starting to drive his own leased truck next month. I'll have to share this program with him to see if he's interested. He already sends home postcards to his own kids here at home every week. :)


small farm girl said...

Oh how funny! I love your little girls. The costumes were wonderful.

The trucker buddy sounds like it would be fun too.
Be safe.


dibear said...

The "girls" just look fantastic. They must be very well trained to go along with the costumes. They are just too cute. :):)

Sari said...

These are TOOOO fun! I love Ella's sullen demeanor! And Paris has that adoring princess thing down-pat! I know thi had to be tough to capture - and so worth it! You need to start planning for a yearly tradition! This was fun - and I'll bet your MN kids LOVED it! Thank you for letting us peak!

Keep those girls safe and warm! !

Meagan said...

Laughing my butt off at your doggies! The pigtails are the best! That is TOO funny!!!

Ed said...

LOL!!! Those shots are perfect!!! I've been to the TTT and even though a bit pricet the deep dish peach pie is FANTASTIC!!