November 15, 2009

Sunday Stills: Fins, Feathers, and Fur

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was a real challenge for me. Fins, Feathers, and Fur...and as Ed said, the fur part was going to be pretty easy for most that participate. However, seeing as my dogs are technically furless....and you probably are on overload from pictures of them...I decided to try for something other than the obvious. And thus I have no fur pictures because I didn't find myself in an opportunity to photograph anything with fur.
Same can be said for fins. I wasn't ever around anything remotely finned, except the large Marlin that was mounted about the fireplace at the truck stop restaurant in South Dakota. Guess I could have gone back to the truck for my camera, but I was having a lazy day.
Feather's were another matter, surprisingly. I can honestly say I kind of didn't intend to participate this week as I felt lazy, and didn't anticipate finding anything easily available to me, and I don't really like using archive photos because the whole point to me was to try and improve my skills.
So I was really surprised when we pulled into the Sapp Brothers truck stop in Sidney, NE. There was some unusual traffic at the truck stop that morning.

There were actually a flock of about 15-20 ducks waddling around the parking lot. Funny thing was, instead of scattering when you exited the truck, they rushed at you as a group! Guess they must make this a regular stop on their daily circuit, and know they can get some handouts.
The trucks sure did dwarf them!
I later discovered at least 100 of them across the road at the pond near Cabelas home store. Guess my little truck stop flock was just going on a short excursion before returning to their home group.
OK, well I couldn't help but pull one out of my files, just because I love this picture, and because it goes with the theme.

That was last September, one evening at sunset. He spent quite a while trying his best to avoid me as I stalked him around my in-law's back yard. He gave up shortly after I got this shot and left for better, less disturbed, hunting grounds.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The ducks look so tiny below those trucks! Good for you capturing that moment. But that Great Horned Owl photo is da bomb! The sky is such an unusual beautiful color.


Ed said...

Truckstop ducks, kinda goes along with my truckstop chickens..:-)
Great shot of the owl!!!
Drive safe...Ed

Henry said...

Amazing shot Sarah, sooo sooothing. The empty branches, sun set and owl. Good one!! keep it high.