November 9, 2009

5 Minutes To Breath

After 4 weeks on the road it felt so good to roll across the ID/MT state line early Saturday morning. We had a load delivering in Worden, MT for Monday morning. Worden, for those who don't know, is a scant 25 miles from HOME! So we spent a day and a half at the house and took a 5 minute breather so to speak.

This was a sight for soar eyes!

(I didn't take my camera in, so I'm using photo's from my files. It is NOT this green anymore. My yard is totally and completely brown, thanks to winter.)

Malcolm ended up helping the neighbors with some fencing. They decided to fence in part of their 20 acre pasture for the horses. Its across the road from the house, so now I'll look out the front window and enjoy watching their three horses grazing.
Your probably thinking "what a rotten way to spend his brief time off," but he got to play with his tractor, his new post hole digger attachment that he hasn't used yet, and he said he enjoyed fencing.
I rolled into the driveway wearing my very last pair of clean jeans....with two days worth of wearing on them. So I spent my time doing laundry, a whole months worth.
Between loads of laundry, I spent most of my time here
catching up on the last 4 episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance" that I had DVR's. What a wonderful invention, that DVR. We watch more recordings than live TV. I love fast forwarding through commercials, pausing to go get clothes from the dryer, or when the girls get too loud in their game and I can't hear it, I rewind...after shushing them.
I watched one episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" when I was in Tennessee in July. Then back towards the end of September, or whenever it was, I accidentally turned the TV on right at the beginning of the second show of the season. So I programmed the DVR to record all the episodes and I've gotten to watch the tryouts and every competition and haven't missed a thing. I am really really enjoying the show.
So that's what we did. Me and the girls watched dancing, and then waltzed our way back and forth between the library and the laundry room. It was a very pleasant way to spend the day.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How wonderful! Home again! YOur home is beautiful and I can only imagine how much you miss it when you are away.

My hubby was able to come home for the weekend so I could fly up to NV to visit a friend and attend a Clinton Anderson Horse Clinic. We did get to spend a little time together on Sunday and then I had to drive him to the truck stop in Moriarty to meet up with his driving partner who had a load on it's way to California.

This trucking lifestyle is often frustrating. With hubby away 28 days out of 30, it's so challenging to make sure that everything is taken care of around here...and of course, the kids and I miss him.

Anyway, I'm glad you and your hubby were able to come home and both enjoy some enjoyable time doing what you both enjoy.


small farm girl said...

I love my dvr too! I am so use to rewinding if I didn't hear something just right. I find myself wanting to rewind things on the radio. lol

Sharon Tachenko said...

I love the chance you give us through your blog to peak over your shoulder at your life! I love the focus on the small delights, Sarah. Small delights compound to create a beautiful life - whether on the road, "waltzing with the girls" through the laundry and daily tasks, or capturing the beauty of your world on film - It's all in the attitude. . . and I love yours!


Meagan said...

:-) I love you! I am sorry I have been behind on blogging and reading blogs. I miss you so much and I can't wait for Christmas to get here so I can see you!!!

I LOVE when you get to post from home and I can't wait to see it for myself, hopefully someday soon!

I also love "So You Think You Can Dance" but forgot to DVR it, so I missed this most recent season that is going on right now. I am trying to get Chris into it! lol. So far he is only interested in the last show! Ha! :-)