November 29, 2009

Sunday Stills: The Letter "T"

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was the letter "T." I was actually home for several days this past week, and so I was able to take pictures from home instead of on the road. Sometimes being on the road presents me with unusual opportunities for photographs, and sometimes it really limits me. I imagine I could have found plenty to photograph for the letter "T" if I had been out, but it was so relaxing to just walk around my house looking for ideas.
Check out the link above for more Sunday Stillers. Its a lot of fun to browse all their blogs and see what everyone produced.


A sweet gift from my sister that comes in real handy. I usually end up carrying it downstairs with me so I know when the oven needs checked.


These are three of Malcolm's antique clocks. He inherited his grandfather's love of clocks.


Check back later this week for instructions and the recipe for my Christmas Toffee.

Tea Kettle

I had a "kitchen Christmas" a couple years ago and was gifted, unexpectedly, with all red Kitchen Aid products including this kettle, and my beloved, and much coveted, stand mixer.

Tea Set


Tea Cups

all part of my treasured tea set that was a wedding gift from Mom.

Tiny Chinese Crested Puppies

This weekend we went to my in-laws for a long over-due visit. Trucking makes it hard to visit loved ones as much as we'd like. Anyway, while there, I got to finally meet the new Chinese Crested babies. More pictures can be seen in the Darling Poodles nursery. Aren't they precious?

Tire and Trailer

OK all your truckers (Ed)! Here is one more reason NOT to be an owner operator! Awww...the joys of business ownership. Malcolm spent the entire three days we were home, including Thanksgiving Day replacing the brakes on the trailer.

He was a very Tired Truck Driver working on his Trailer on Thanksgiving.

Tessie, my mother-in-law's adorable Schnorkie.

And last, what a way to end the day, with a glorious

Thanksgiving Sunset!

Montana never lets me down in this department!


ramblingwoods said...

I don't think I have ever been here before..Lovely selection of T photos. I have never known a trucker before. It might be very challenging with the price of fuels..... Michelle

Meagan said...

Love this post! Love the timer... if I do say so myself! And the sunset pictures were AMAZING!

Counting down til I see you!!!!

Horses are our Lives said...

The tea cups are so pretty! I love the cup shot, with the other cups in the background. I like the clock display also! great shots!

Horses are our Lives said...

The tea cups are so pretty! I love the photo of the tea cup with the other tea cup in the background. The sunsets are beautiful.

Holly said...

love the timer!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoyed seeing all the 'T's you came up with. My fave is the chicken timer, of course. :)

Bummer about the trailer brakes. My hubby had to get his truck repaired this weekend, too. Thankfully it was still under warranty and was fixed at the T/A in about an hour. Then he had to replace my own van's brakes while he was home.
Two days, and now he's back on the road again with a load of Samuel Adams headed to California. hehe!

Beautiful sunsets, too. You're very lucky to call Montana your home. Since hubby's been on the road, he says Montana and Idaho are his favorite states for beauty.


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Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Sorry hubby had to miss Thanksgiving with all his trucker duties. Ed lost about 3-4 days due to a broken wiper!! He wouldn't be an owner/operator if the truck was given to him!! Loved all your "T" shots. :)

Happy Thanksgiving from E.Tennessee

Ed said...

Great shots, its amazing the cresteds have more hair as newborns, and the tea set and cup shots are fantastic..:-))

small farm girl said...

Can't wait for the toffee recipe. I've got a question. In your pictures of the puppies, they looked like they have lots of hair. As they grow, do they lose it?

Shirley said...

Great set of photos. My husband collects old clocks too, he prefers the old mantle clocks with chimes. I love that timer. We are ex-truckers too, but only body jobs; didn't want the life on the road, so we were both snow plow operators.

Anonymous said...

You need a TROTTING picture of Horizon!!!
Love all the pics!!

Janice said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed that from beginning to end.