November 27, 2009

Holiday Fun

I love the holidays!

After delivering Monday morning near Spokane, we drove south to Clarkston, stopping on the way to pick up Malcolm's baby sister. She goes to boarding school over in that area. Bless her heart, she bravely road with us all night long to get home! Trucking really isn't her cup of tea, but I sure enjoyed getting to visit with her.

We got home early, early Tuesday morning and after breakfast with Malcolm's parents and sisters, us girls went out for a day on the town. I got my hair done, Justine got her nails done, and we all had such a good time. Sorry you missed it Rachelle....then again you missed it cause you were getting a free horse, so I don't feel that bad for you.

Wednesday and Thursday I crafted, cooked, and cleaned. Malcolm, poor thing, spent the whole time changing the brakes on the trailer. He's exhausted and hurting, but the job is done and doing it himself saved a lot of money. AND....thankfully he shouldn't have to do that job again for another year. He was a site though, covered in grease and oil and dirt. I'll have picture to post later.

We are on our way to Baker, to the ranch, and I am pumped. I have not been to the ranch since the beginning of April, and that was not even for a full day. I have not been there for strictly recreational purposes since last CHRISTMAS! And visiting with the girls in town is fun, but its just not the same as chillaxin (thanks Meagan for that word) at the ranch with them. We're going to feast, tour Rachelle's new house, get to see the new Crestie puppies in person (can't wait to see those naked babies), and maybe even ride the new Arabian.....what do you think Rachelle...maybe?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We're getting a late start on the celebration, but it will be great none the less. Check back with me on Sunday for a Sunday Stills post. I had fun collecting photos for it while I was home.

God has blessed me with so much all my life, and this year His blessing have just continued to multiply. I have much to be thankful for.


Meagan said...

Aunt Sarah,
I missed you at Thanksgiving because when we had all that fun when we were swimming in the pool in summer. I can't wait for you to see me again or Bentlee!

Love you,

Meagan said...

So glad you got to enjoy some time at home and at the ranch! Sounds like you had fun - and you know I'm a fan of the girlie time!

:-) We missed you at Thanksgiving and we can't wait to see you at Christmas! LOVE YOU!!!

Janice said...

I might have to steal that word, it's a good one. Loved the post. Hope you got to ride.

Landmark Lighting said...

Wow, you have been busy.