October 29, 2009

Dodging Snow Storms

West of Austin, TX.

Between Abilene and Lubbock, TX.

We missed the big one, but from what I hear its a mess. Interstate closed in Cheyenne, trucks stuck, and our friends in Nebraska say its not pretty there either. We're in the cold, but not the big mess, though we did a little snow driving yesterday too!

Yesterday morning when we woke up on the Texas/New Mexico border it was 65 degrees. But things changed quickly. We hit snow in the hills east of Albuquerque

and by that afternoon it was only 32 when we stopped in Grants to have the oil changed.

West of Albuquerque, NM.

Ran through another brief but intense snow shower between Gallup and the Arizona line. That one was fun. It was cold enough and snowing hard enough to cover the road. It amuses me that it takes a couple snow storms before people get back in the swing of things. Even the big trucks were creeping along at 40mph. The road wasn't so much an issue as the wind shield was. We hadn't added de-icer yet and the windshield froze over. Made it rather difficult to see where the road ended and the ditch began.

Its 27 this morning as we approach Flagstaff. Brr! The girls did not appreciate it when I drug them out of bed and put clothes on them. Not how they want to start their day.

Flagstaff is nestled up there in those hills. Its a climb up to it, and a drop off the other side to move on west. Arizona is far more diverse than people think. So much of it is desert, but in reality it hosts multiple types of desert, from sand dunes, to rocky sage country. And Flagstaff is its own little eco-system up there in the hills. Its often cool when the rest of the state is scorching under 3 digit temperatures. After driving across all the miles of sage, cedar shrubs, red rock and dirt, its refreshing to be surrounded by pine forests and breath the mountain air.

We don't know what we're doing from here. Hopefully Mark will have a nice load with lots of miles and a high rate for us. We need something like that to make up for the past 6 days. Keep your fingers crossed!

Just pulled in to Nestle Purina to make our delivery. It's 20 degrees, but at least the sun is shining! It's a beautiful morning in Flagstaff!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the ride from Texas to Flagstaff. :) You were close to our son in Bastrop when you were west of Austin, and close to my sister-in-law who lives outside of Albuquerque! Glad to see you are still enjoying the road. We still haven't made it to your folks for BBQ. :)

Meagan said...

Great pictures! The up and down in temps would drive me crazy and I am not ready for cold yet! We have had some really chilly days and I was miserable on all of them! :-) I'm hoping for a short, cold, wet winter... a few snow days and then bring back the heat! :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How awesome to plug into your blog tonight and see familiar sights.

Hey! You should have stopped by when you drove through Tijeras Canyon. We live in those mountains east of Albuquerque. We live at 7,000ft and are often surprised at the temperature/weather difference when we drop back down into Albuquerque if we go into town.
We got about 5" of snow yesterday and it snowed off an on today.
The temps are killing me, though. Was SO not expecting temps ion the teens! All of the animal's water buckets were frozen and we had to break ice. The water pump was frozen solid, too. gah!

I think it's neat that you and your hubby drive together. My hubby will be driving solo, at least for a while, after he completes his driver training this month. He seems to really like the driving, while we here at home miss him and wish we could see him more than once a month for a few hours. bah.

Drive safe, stay warm :)


Sharon Tachenko said...

Fun to travel vicariously with you guys! Beautiful country - and glad you've been able to dodge the snows at least in October! UGH! Doesn't bode well for the winter when we get blasted so early! You guys are pros, though; and it always sounds like you are particularly blessed in being able to maneuver to miss the really bad stuff! I will enjoy the winter hearing about it on blogs and FB - from AFAR!

Be safe! I love you! We'll talk this weekend!