October 14, 2009

Back On The Road

After a wonderful two weeks at home, we are back at work. Actually we returned to the road on Monday, but we've been busy getting places. I, unfortuntaly, seem to have returned to work with a complete lack of motivation for anything....work, blogging, anything!

Hopefully it will all come tumbling back onto me soon! I was pumped about returning to work and going places for...oh...about the first hour. And then it lost all its appeal, and I spent the rest of the afternoon brewing over not being able to have my every whim come true. Seriously....reality stinks sometimes.

We had a great visit and Mom and Dad. We saw lots, including a day in Yellowstone and it snowed twice while they were here. We also had our first little arctic blast. It didn't go above freezing for between Thursday evening and Monday afternoon. Brrrr! Very Brrrr! My poor parents nearly froze I think. But they still had a great time in Montana. I let Mom take the majority of pictures with her camera and I have copies on a disk, but I'm having issues getting them downloaded onto my computer. I'll get a few up to share with you as soon as I can get it figured out.

For now, we've already been to Colorado, reloaded, delivered in Sparks, NV, and now reloaded and headed to Oregon. From there we're reloading in Idaho and heading to Nebraska for a Friday morning delivery. On the road again and rolling full steam ahead!

Hope your all having a great week! Here are a few shots from Yellowstone to keep you in suspense.

The Northwest entrance to the park by Gardner, MT. The elk was scratching her neck in the forground. She was supposed to stay all prettily posed, but I guess the itch was more than she could bare.

While at Mammoth Hot Springs, we watched some elk that were enjoying the green grass in the resort yard. This bull graced us with a spectacular bugle or two right there next to the car. I've always wanted to hear that in person. It was just as incredible as I had imagined, maybe more so.
We only drove the north highway between Gardner and Cooke City. That's all we had time for. There were a lot of buffalo on that route though.

Something happened with my camera. It was letting in too much light, even though I hadn't changed any settings. I don't know what was going on. I was excited about this picture until I downloaded it. Its not near what it should have been. But it still gives a decent view of the northern section of the park.Unlike coyotes outside the park, who run as fast as they can at the first sight of a person or vehicle (for good reason), this fellow knew he had no worries and so continued hunting mice in the grass while we parked next to him and watched.

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Tiffany said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! Congrats on being an aunt again!