October 19, 2009

Sunday Stills: The Letter "C"

I'm doing Sunday Stills on Monday. Not because I didn't have time yesterday. I had loads of time, but as soon as we stopped yesterday afternoon, we walked over to a Chinese restaurant to eat and then we popped in our movies to watch. We watched all three of the Lord of the Ring movies this weekend. We had only seen the first one.

Having said that, you can probably guess that if we watched three movies, then we weren't very busy, and you guessed right. We delivered our load in Wiggins, CO on Saturday morning, but our Fort Morgan reload had been canceled. So instead we drove 450 miles empty to Cortez, CO to reload this morning.

Since we had 2 days to do it, we just puttered along, covering about 225 miles a day. It was a beautiful drive across the Rocky Mountains through Colorado's high country. We took US 285 and US 160, two roads we had not been over before. Its much different crossing the Rockies on a two lane than on I-7o, and very much worth the drive.

This past week's Sunday Stills Challenge was the letter "C." I tried to think of something original, other than the first thing that came to mind, such as "cold," "Carlie Jean," and "clutter." Then yesterday afternoon I had a brainstorm. I had a few pictures I was really pleased with from our drive and I suddenly remembered we were in Colorado. Hello letter "C!" All the state signs at the borders welcome you to "Colorful Colorado," and so that's what I'm going with this week.

Here are a few shots from Colorful Colorado!

Approaching the mountains from Wiggins, CO, east of Denver.

Out of all the beautiful vistas, this was my favorite!

This was called "Chimney Rock." I'm beginning to wonder how many Chimney Rocks there are in our country. I know of at least three now!

My second favorite shot.

Now, this weeks challenge is landscapes with a focus on fall foliage, so unless I have a chance to take some different shots, you might see these again next week! No, not really. Surely I can get something fresh for next Sunday.

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Sharon Tachenko said...

I always love your snaps from around the country! It's a regularly reminder of all the beauty in our world! I don't need a powerpoint presentation - I just need to check your blog to see your travels . . .

Lookout Mtn is beautiful just now. It was fun pointing it out today to my girls - Jesus painting a picture just for them! They loved that!