August 3, 2009

The Three C's: Company, Clouds, and California (in that order)

Got home Thursday night and stopped for a couple days. First thing Friday morning, like at 6:30, Malcolm's sisters showed up. I can't imagine what time they left the house to get there. Its a 4 hour drive from the ranch! Rachelle was picking up a new member of Darling Poodles from the airport around noon, and Justine had come along for the ride. We had smoothies and french toast, visited, and then the us girls went to town for some small shopping errands and to get the puppy while Malcolm worked in his garage.

Justine just turned 17 and will be a senior this year. Isn't she beautiful? She just returned from 6 weeks in Spain, and I am incredibly envious of her Mediterranean tan! She looks incredible.
I call this picture, "Aunt Justine is Home!" Justine is not that fond of our naked babies, but apparently they love her. We were all sitting downstairs, but all three of my girls piled onto the couch with Justine.

Rachelle and I chilling on the porch. Rachelle is the same age as my sister, and we are kindred spirits and bosom buddies as Anne of Green Gables would say. We usually spend our time together talking about our naked dogs and horses, chickens, dog shows, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We are, some would say, partners in crime, when it comes to animals.

Last night as we left Reno, California presented me with some of the most spectacular clouds I've ever seen. I couldn't just pick two or three, so I'm going to present you with a bombardment of cloud pictures now.

see the moon?

This shot is one of my favorite, except at the last minute we hit a bump in the road and I got the tip of the interstate sign in the picture. Oh well!
Anyway, we've just unloaded our sunflower seeds and are here in Ripon, CA to grab some breakfast. We're reloading in Sacramento and heading to Lebanon, TN. I got really excited about that and even jumped the gun and texted my sister because she lives in Murfreesboro. But as it turns out.....there are FOUR Lebanon, TN's and only one of them is close to Murfeesboro. There are two near Jackson, TN and apparently one just east of Chattanooga between that city and Cleveland. Now this really disturbs me because I grew up in Ooltewah, also between Chatt and Cleveland, and I've never heard of a Lebanon, TN down there.
Anyway, if there is one, that would be fine. I could go see my parents. If its the one near Nashville that would also be cool, because we can stop and see my sister and her man. The other two....well....we'd at least be in our old home state so that would be cool, and maybe we'd reload closer to "home." We'll find out here shortly, and I'll let you know. Regardless, its about a 2500 mile trip, so sometime around Wednesday night I'll be in good ole Tennessee!


small farm girl said...

I bet it's nice to travel the country. But, I bet it's nice to be home too.

Sharon Tachenko said...

Hey Sarah! Beautiful pix - of the sky and the girls! ! !
Thx for giving us snaps of the larger world! !

Sad you're so close - yet SO far! I know your sister had to be disappointed! That would have been a serendipitous delight!

Heading to work tomorrow & much to wrap up before heading out!

Love you Both!

Jennifer said...

Lovin' the cloud pics. The last one was my fav, too.