August 20, 2009

A Taste of Home

Just a few moments of our home time captured to share with you.

First the rodeo last Saturday night. Jessica and I had a really good time on our girls night out at the rodeo! It was small, and outside, and the weather was cool so we had jackets on. It also spit rain at us off and on, but we hunkered down like true cowgirls and stayed in our seats while others ran for cover.

Off with the old and on with the new. Here's a sneak peak at the new Johnson Trucking! More to come on this later.

Malcolm is really really proud of the new truck. I'm glad he's so pleased with it.

My view Monday night as I waited for Malcolm to come in from looking at his new baby (the truck).

I've been doing a little cooking, not much but some. Sunday morning I made this for breakfast. (took the photo with Malcolm's cell phone so its not a very good picture.) Don't judge the the dish by this picture. It was really really good! Mind you, I'm not saying good FOR you, but it was good. For my birthday, my in-laws gave me several fun things, and one of them was a cookbook, from which I got this recipe. First thing I've tried from the book, but if the rest of the recipes are anything like this...its definatly a winner for a cook book!

Here's the recipe:

Peaches and Cream French Toast

16oz loaf of french bread, cut into thick slices

8oz pkg of cream cheese, softened

1/3 cup peach preserves

3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Cut a pocket in each slice of bread, being careful not to cut all the way through, or puncture the sides. Combine cream cheese and preserves. Carefully spoon cream cheese mixture into each pocket.

Combine the eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon, whisking till well mixed. Dip each slice of bread into the milk mixture, coating each side. Shake off excess, and place in pre-heated skillet. Cook on each side until nicely toasted. Serve with powdered sugar or maple syrup.

We just used the powedered sugar and it was plenty and delicious. Also, I'm thinking of trying it again with another type of presevervs, like strawberry. I think there are lots of variations we could try!

And for a parting shot...

As I sat here at the kitchen table working on uploading pictures, I glanced over to see what the girls are doing. Paris is curled up in my lap sleeping. The other two found the best seat in the house...the rocker warmed with the afternoon sunshine. I love this photograph!

Now a couple of favors to ask. I don't normally use my blog for this sort of thing, but I thought I'd go ahead and impose. I have a couple of prayer requests, and I am a firm beleiver in the power of prayer, so I thought I'd reach out to as many as I could through this.

I have a very close friend whose husband has just left her, and has now confessed, and is flaunting his new girlfriend. Its a very painful time for her, for all the obvious reasons, and she is confused and angry and just so very hurt. Please pray for both of them.

Also, I recieved a call from Mom last night. She was calling to let me know that my cousin had been told he had cancer in his thyroid. They did surgery to remove the thyroid, and discovered that the cancer is malignant, and also he's having a tough recovery from the surgery. So if you could also please pray for him and his family in this difficult time.

Many thanks to you all and I'll be back around in a few days! Happy weekend!


Meagan said...

LOVE the "view" picture and I am beside myself happy that you had a girls night cowgirl style! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I am praying and so glad you shared!

Love you!!!!

Sharon Tachenko said...

Hey Sarah, Just got in after a couple days down with T. Didn't have my computer - you're among my first to check upon return home! Will pray for your friend and cousin! Both are hard places to be! T posted awhile back. . . "God is good - even when it hurts!" Always comes to my mind when I think about hard places. - along with that a favorite verse. . . when Joseph said to his brothers, "what was meant for evil - God intended to good." Good will ALWAYS come from everything - if we love and trust God. . . doesn't make it easy tho'. Will pray for His peace and trust in both these lives!

Love you Sarah! I'll talk with you guys over the weekend!

Ed said...

Sweet Pete!!!! And a great pic of the pups on the rocker..:-)