August 12, 2009


Good morning from Albuquerque, NM. We reloaded yesterday in Wichita, KS, soy bean meal, and drove most of the night to get here. Its a beautiful day, with clear sky's and temps only in the high 60's (so far). There were hot air balloons launching north of the city, but I was too far away to get a decent picture. I'm not sure what it is about Albuquerque and hot air balloons, but seems like it's a common site around here, for they are often hovering over the city when we drive through. I think its been a year or maybe a little longer since we've been down here. I think central and northern New Mexico is really pretty. We always enjoy coming down here because of the scenery, and also because the people are so nice. Also, there is some good eatin' down here. There's a great little restaurant in Moriarty, just east of here, that we always stopped at. It was hard to drive past this morning and not stop, but I imagine they wern't open at 6:30 anyway.

Its pretty driving through Albuquerque...that is if you can look past all the traffic and construction that I think must have been going on for at least three years, maybe more. I love the colors they have used.

Buildings, barriers, and overpasses are all decorated in shades of terra cotta and turquoise. (please excuse the bug spots on the windshield in the above picture).

We're reloading near here and heading to Flagstaff, AZ. We're supposed to be working our way back to Billings, to get the new truck, and I'm not real sure how Flagstaff is enroute to Billings, but I'm trusting our broker to know what he's doing.

In all our frustration last weekend over our load being canceled, we forgot Carlie Jean's birthday on Friday. Luckily, she was busy taking long naps with Malcolm and running around in the thick Arkansas grass to notice. So she forgave us, and we celebrated Monday night with ice cream from Brahms (for us, not her.) So, Happy Birthday Carlie. She's a whoppin' 2 years old now! I think maybe the "terrible two's" are true for dogs also. She's been rather difficult lately, really wound up and not listening very well.


Rachelle said...

Happy late Birthday Carlie!!

Rachelle said...

Happy late Birthday Carlie!!

Sonya said...

Well happy birthday Carlie. I love those colors too for the interstate bridges. Cool!

Valerie said...

The sky color was unbelievable to me! Could it be any more blue? (not to sound like Chandler or anything). Love the picture of Carlie.