January 15, 2009

The Poisonwood Bible

I just finished this book on my iPod. For anyone with an iPod that has audio book capability and likes to listen to books on tape, I highly recommend a membership to Audible.
Malcolm bought me an iPod last year for my birthday (in '07) along with a membershipt to Audible.com. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of that gift. For $14.95 a month, I get one credit, which basically amounts to one book, plus discounts on other books. I rarely use the discount, just download one book a month, and I know its not exactly free, but considering most of the books are $25 and up, I still consider it a deal. I have listened to a number of books, that I wouldn't have known of otherwise, including Rhett Butler's People and Before GreenGables. I found both these just by brousing for something to read, and love them both.
Anyway, I got off track a little. I knew of The Poisonwood Bible before, but had never read it. I ran across it in my browsing on Audible and decided to listen to it after calling Mom to see if it was worth while. I really enjoyed it. I finished it this morning as I drove north through Wyoming. How very different to listen to descriptions of the steamy Congo jungle as I rolled, and a one time slid, my way over the snowy, icy plains of Wyoming, lol. Truly I recommend this book to anyone. The story itself was very entertaining, but to me there was a lesson in it as well. I have seen with my own eyes the way a person's faith can influence others to seek Christ. And I have also seen how a person's religion can push others across a line away from God and leave them with no desire to cross back and walk towards Him.
The Poisonwook Bible is a great story, though sad. Please add it to your list if your keeping one or looking for something.
Incedently, Barbara Kingsolver, the author of this book, also wrote Prodigal Summer, which I read several years ago, and remember enjoying. If I recall correctly it was also a very good book. I need to go back and re-read it.
Back from the Congo and into reality, we just delivered another load of steers last night in Wheatland, WY and are back in Montana, God's country. Malcolm is washing out the trailer before we drop it off at Steve's. They've asked us to take a reefer load to Salt Lake City, so we'll be leaving with that tonight and gone on reefer for a few days. I'm sad to leave the cow haulin, even for a few days, but it does get us the afternoon at home, and probably at least a day at home when we return early next week. Maybe after that they'll send us back out on cows.
Oh yeah, with Audible, you also get a free audible subscription to The Wall Street Journal and New York Times. I havn't utilized either one, but probably ought to get the Times, since I so rarely see any news. Anyway, thought I'd throw that little tid bit of info in as well.

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Meagan said...

One correction to your post, my darling sister, TENNESSEE is God's country! Don't forget your roots!!!

I am excited to hear about another good book! I'll have to add that to my impossibly long list! lol.