January 17, 2009

Loading in Fairview

We're almost to Yuma, AZ at this point. We left Thurdsay night, and after delivering in Salt Lake City Friday morning, we reloaded and delivered this morning in Casa Grande, AZ.

Not sure what the plan is after this. I'd like to go back to cows, but I guess Steve told Malcolm Thursday morning that there wasn't much moving right now. So I supposed they will leave us on reefer for a while, and I should be greatful. There are an aweful lot of truck drivers sitting without a load right now. Our friend Brandon was in Texas for three days waiting to re-load and I guess there were quite a few flat bed trucks there at the truck stop that didn't have loads and didn't expect to get one anytime soon.
Here are a few pictures from last week when we loaded in Fairview, MT.

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