January 30, 2009

The Big Shuffle

Loading in Yuma middle of the night on Tuesday we were awakened from our nap by a crash and a lurch. Turns out the guy pulling out next to us didn't get his doors on his trailer latched and it had bounced its way up the trailer and crashed into our truck, crushing our ferring and denting the back of the sleeper. Fortunatly, Malcolm was able to get up and out in time to get the guys insurance info. But still...that was frustrating. Now we are no longer cosmetically unflawed.

Got home Wednesday morning. We were home for a day and a half. In that time we shuffled a lot of things around. First we moved furniture, including Malcolm's million pound gun safe. We were making room for our new things. We moved an antique cabinet to the basement living room, my hope chest to its real home upstairs in our bedroom, all the living room furniture around and around because we just can't seem to get it how we want it, and on and on.

This was Wednesday afternoon. By 6:00 that evening we were tired, hungry, and not done. I had caught Ella eyeing Malcolm's deer and antelope which to this point had still been lying on the floor waiting to be hung. Figured we'd better get them up before she decided to try them out as gigantic rawhide chews. So we hung them both up, and since we were doing that we hung a few pictures too.

Then the UPS guy had shown up with our kennel that we had ordered, so we put that together and moved the girls in. It was just getting TOO crowded in the bed, queen size or not.
Wednesday night found our house filled with 5 traumatized individuals. Malcolm and I felt like horrible people. It was really really sad. But....we slept really really good too. And in the morning when I went to get the girls up, they didn't seem that upset. They came excitedly hopping out of their kennel and we went outside, and they must not mind it much because they spent the day going in and out of it everytime I was in the laundry room.

Thursday afternoon some of our new furniture was delivered. Specifically my chairs and ottomans for my library, the TV stand, and an additional bedside table. The bookshelves that I have coveted for so long turned out to be unavailable. Curses....

So we got our money back and have taken a huge leap of faith and ordered some on-line. They'll be here end of March. Please pray with me that they are acceptable!

Back on the road. We delivered in Salt Lake City this morning and are re-loading in Idaho bound for....drum roll........TEXAS! Dallas to be specific. Steve got the tire account back which means occasionally there is a load of tires coming from Dallas to Billings and we get brokered loads to get down there. We're taking potatoes to Dallas.

So something new and different, and you all know how much I like Texas. I think its because Texas is a cross between my two favorite regions. Its a southern state, but its western too. Its like a little bit of both my homes.

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