January 19, 2009


Today Ella is 4 months old. She's growing so fast. She's gone from a cute little clumsy puppy to a long legged young lady. I've started considering her "show career" and trying to decide how and if I'll pursue that.

The older girls have gotten over their disgust with me for getting another dog, and accepted Ella as their sister. She is the baby sister, you know....the one they think Mommy favors, the one that gets held all the time, the one that gets to go out twice as much as they do, the one that always gets them fussed at as she sits in Mommy's lap pretending that she got hurt. But they do love her.

She and Carlie Jean are especially fond of each other. They LOVE to play rough and tumble. They are each other's wrestling partners, until Carlie gets carried away and Mommy has to rescue Ella.

Saturday she took time out of her busy schedule to pose for a few pictures. And since Carlie Jean was wearing her new outfit, she got to be in a couple of shots as well. Paris was naked becuase she hates clothes and I took pitty on her even though she was shivering a little. Also she was in a crabby mood, so after one shot of Carlie and Ella snuggled up together and Paris sitting to the side looking miserable, I dimissed her from the project and told her we'd do shots with her another day.

So here is Miss Ella modeling for her 4 month shots.

This modeling stuff wears a girl out!