January 13, 2009

The Chain Gang

That's what I'm going to call Malcolm and the guys from last night. That chain they were using to pull us out kept breaking. It broke over and over and over again. When they finally got us out, they two trailers which were backed up to each other were only about two feet apart. That's how short the chain was. But the point is that we got out. Malcolm stayed to help the other guys load. They had driven a long way and were exhausted. The two went to sleep after that, but John was going to the same place as us, 307 miles, so he left with us (at 2:00am) and Malcolm chatted with him on the CB to help him stay awake.
Just wanted to let you know we got out.
Oh I almost forgot! We stopped to fuel in Miles City, John went on trying to get to Ballentine to deliver, and I took over driving. I was just past Forsyth and out of the shadow's of darkness I suddenly realized there were two HUGE bull elk standing right on the shoulder. They were amazing! I've seen them before but not this far east! It was exciting. A few more miles down the road, I caught up with John who had pulled over for a 20 minute siesta. He pulled out behind me, passed me, and then I kept up with him and we chatted a bit. And wouldn't you know, a cow elk ran out and across the road right in front of us! They must be coming east for food is all I can figure! I never saw them over here last year.
We are very tallented in the area of time managment...sometimes. After unloading our truck and John's this morning (everyone, at least the good ones, stay around and help each other load and unload) we flew home. The road was icy so we didn't even try to back in our driveway. Just parked in the road (hope the neighbors don't start complaining). In less than an hour, we drove 17 miles to the house, both of us showered, threw my clothes and some things in a bag, and left again! Talk about out of breath. And worse, I have three VERY disgruntled girls to deal with. They were extatic to be home. Went absolutly wild. But when I started stashing things in a bag, Paris stopped mid game and just stared at me. She knew! Its was sad. Anyway, Ella's ok. She's too small to realize this isn't normal life. But the other two are in the bed, under the covers and I havn't seen them since we left, except for the brief time I drug them out to shave their little faces. Talk about insult to injury. They may not speak to me or Malcolm for days. Oh well..such is life.
Another hour later, we had had the steer tires replaced, grabbed McD's for brunch, and hit the road for Forsyth.
See, we use time well. Get a lot done. And then we sat in Forsyth for an hour and a half waiting for the buyer to call us and tell us to come to the corrals to load. Oh well..Malcolm took a nap, I shaved dogs and read, and caught my breath from this moring. All in all it was hectic and stressful, but just being clean makes it all worth while.
Of course then I got cow poopy slung on me when some cows got stubborn and I went to help cause it was just Malcolm loading. But they were just little flecks. Could have been worse.

Good Greif! Here we are in Miles City to get the other half of our cows, and what do you know. We're stuck on the ice! Malcolm just asked a truck from North Dakota to help out and he's backign up to our rear to give us a little shove. This is getting ridiculous! And its not working. But I'm getting whip lash from him bumping us...that got it! We're free!

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Meagan said...

What a wild and crazy life! Glad you got un-stuck... twice! And VERY glad you got to shower, lol.